Carill, Inc - Pride of the Farm Frozen turkey breast

Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 5:03pm CST by Barbara M.

Product: Pride of the Farm Turkey breast

Company: Carill, Inc

Location: US


Category: Food

I purchased this product for Thanksgiving dinner. It comes in a white opaque wrapper and is frozen at the time of purchase. I allowed it to thaw until Thanksgiving morning and when I unwrapped it I found the entire top of the breast was cut off. You could see the wishbone. Since the breast I bought weighed about 7 pounds with that piece missing I figure they must have cut at least a pound of the best meat off the breast and sold me the bony remainder.

I contacted them through their website, even supplying pictures of the abused bird and I never heard from them at all.

The grocery store contacted me thanksgiving day and offered a turkey from their deli, but I didn't have the time to drive the 30 mile round trip to get it so we just made-do with what we had. I did not feel that it was the grocery's place to compensate for it. They had sold it in good faith, I was the one who was cheated.

I waited a week after Thanksgiving and sent them another email, enclosing a copy of the original. I still have not heard from them. I don't feel like these are appropriate business practices and someone should let everyone know they are not a good company.


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Sherry B., 2013-02-14, 09:01PM CST

just wondering what kind of turkey this is that I bought. It has been cooking for over 9 hours and is still not falling off the bone soft yet. I am trying to get it cooked and tender. MFG Info Number 201832049 I am leaving it going for 2 more hours then I am putting it away in the refridgerator . Is this turkey raised in the US?


S. L. Bauer

p.s. got home at 8:30 p.m. and it if finally done. been on cooking for 12 hours

426f44b2, 2013-09-22, 01:34PM CDT

I just opened the packaging of a Pride of the Farm turkey breast that I purchased at Kroger and discovered that all of the skin over the breast was missing as well as half of one side's breasts. Since this is what I planned for dinner tonight, I've had to go ahead and cook it. If I had something else to serve, I would have brought it back to Kroger where I am sure they would have refunded my costs. I doubt that I will EVER purchase another one of your products in the future!!!!!

8fded9a3, 2013-10-11, 02:07PM CDT

To add to comments such as a couple of the ones above, I can relate to the "thrill" of opening a Pride of the Farm frozen turkey breast. Quite frankly, it looked more like road kill than something that you would want to serve for a family meal. Most of the skin had been ripped off, and two sides of the heavily abused "roast" had ground-in filth imbedded into the meat. After trimming off these repulsive-looking areas, the "roast" looked somewhat presentable if one overlooked the fact there was no skin to help keep the meat moist during cooking, and there wasn't really that much meat involved in the shredded back. In addition, if the literature on the packaging stating that "the product was "injected with up to 15% of a solution - - -" means anything more than pouring a LOT of water into the bag to add weight, I would be surprised. In the meantime, the "roast" is cooking, so I suppose that I still have to decide if I am really going to serve this repulsive product for dinner.

A copy of this narration is going to Kroger, where I bought the product.

413edb65, 2013-10-14, 02:52PM CDT

I searched the 'net to see if anyone had a similar experience to mine. My local supermarket was advertising fresh Shady Brook turkey breasts. When I got there, they were selling FROZEN Pride of the Farm turkey breasts in the refrigerated meats section at the price quoted in the flyer for fresh. When I opened the turkey after letting it defrost in the fridge for two days, I found the ratio of bone to breast meat incorrect. The skin was also missing a section. The top section of the turkey that you find on Shady Brook turkey breasts was not there. Either they cut off some of the breast to make turkey deli meats, or these birds were the result of screw-ups when processing Shady Brook turkeys, also a Cargill product. In addition to the 15% injected "basting solution" (read:water) that goes down the drain, there was a "gravy packet" containing 1/2 cup of a solution of water and foodservice powdered turkey gravy mix, uncooked. Anything to sell water at poultry prices. I cooked it and it was very dry and extremely salty. I am returning it to the Supervalu-owned supermarket for a refund to up the "peg count" of consumer complaints about this low-grade poultry item.

Cindy B., 2013-11-25, 09:59AM CST

Happy with my turkey!

In all fairness to this company, I have positive feedback. After reading the reviews after I purchased my turkey breasts, I must say I was actually fearful of cooking these for my Thanksgiving dinner, so I decided to cook one the week before for a trial.

The breast was completely covered with skin (nothing mangled here!), and it cooked sooner than the three hours stated. It was tender and flavorful. I don't know how on earth the other person's turkey would have taken "12 hours" unless their oven wasn't working properly.

All in all I say it was an excellent deal and tasted just as good as any frozen or fresh turkey I have used in the past - no complaints from anyone, just good comments, when they ate it.

Renee' S., 2013-11-28, 01:46PM CST

I bought a Pride of The Farm turkey breast at Farm Fresh for Thanksgiving. I took it out of the wrapper to cook today and found that most of the skin was missing from the top of the breast. Won't ever buy this product again!

Jeanie C., 2013-11-29, 05:03PM CST

I purchased a Pride of the farm turkey breast for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a couple of dollars cheaper than the Butterball....but BIG mistake.

It did look a little mangled, when I opened it... and because of this, it was difficult to even tell which side was supposed to be up. I figured it out and roasted it for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The meat thermometer came out above 165, so it was done. It smelled good, but was the TOUGHEST bird I have ever cooked. NEVER again will I buy this brand....not worth the savings!

98e65ac6, 2013-12-25, 12:19PM CST

Opened a Pride of the Farm turkey breast to bring to my daughters for Christmas dinner. They should be ashamed, not proud! Most of the skin was missing, we cut the flap from over the neck cavity and pinned it on. Also there were several slashes on the lower portion of the breast. I have purchased these before from Kroger and not had a problem. This one was very large, almost 9 lbs, so maybe that was part of the problem. Their website is a nightmare.

mary ann s., 2014-02-02, 02:51PM CST

I have never had a turkey breast with 1/2 of the skin missing around the neck. Also, after eating noticed I did not feel well, very thirsty. I don't know if it was the turkey or the gravy packet but I know the salt content from one or both was very high. The sodium on the turkey label was 390. But I don't know about the gravy. Cannot find this info anywhere. Husband and I can't get enough water. Not good.

913292db, 2014-03-06, 09:12AM CST

I bought a Pride of the Farm Turkey Breast for TG 2013. When we checked it to thaw it,

we found the Gravy Pack was a big bubble. It had been in the freezer all the time til

then and the meat was very hard. My wife rejected the whole thing and I went to purchase another. I have had the whole package, still in the plastic and mesh, in the bottom

of the chest freezer for 3 months. It does not freeze.!. When I asked the meat department

in the store, they had no knowledge of the gravy ...So the whole kit/caboodle is in the

garbage. (When toothpowder wouldn't sell, the sellers added water and made a fortune..?)

This year we'll have pork.

413edb65, 2014-03-06, 11:07AM CST

To 913292db, my guess is that the gravy mixture (which includes water) did not freeze because of the high salt content. The same principle behind using rock salt on ice-covered sidewalks to melt the ice.

8f6858c2, 2014-03-26, 03:24PM CDT

I purchased the pride turkey breast a couple of weeks ago & defrosted it to cook for dinner & it still had the intestnines tract in it.

Dorothy S., 2014-11-26, 06:18PM CST

I had purchased two of these turkey breasts for TG 2014. (They were 30% cheaper than the other brands.) It later occurred to me "you get what you pay for" so I went online and found this site. Thanks to all the previous posts, I cut one of the packages open and found there was almost no skin on the breast. I took both breasts back to the store and brought a different brand. Thanks for saving me a lot of embarrassment on Thanksgiving!

8d2bcfcd, 2014-12-09, 10:36AM CST

Worst piece of crap I ever bought.

9b967978, 2014-12-17, 07:46AM CST

Pride of the Farm. Disappointing bird. I use the liver, gizzard, heart, as part of the dressing, and these weren't part of the package. It did have a large gravy package, as most do, but I never use these.

A good portion of the skin, about half, was missing on the right side of the bird, and nearly that much on the other side.

This bird, according to the packaging, was "up to 15% injected turkey broth, salt, sodium . . . " Too much in my opinion.

I rotisserie my birds. This bird did not hold the skewers well, just flopping around. Sat in the 15% brine too long? I thawed it in the fridge for 3 days.

Lesson learned - I'm gonna stick to fresh and unfrozen birds that are not brined, and read more carefully the label. But not this brand. Fresh or frozen.

Kathleen G., 2014-12-28, 04:13PM CST

Sure wish I had seen these comments before I bought #PrideoftheFarm turkey breast ! The skin was completely missing from one side! I was so disappointed as a beautiful Christmas Dinner is one of the thing I pride myself in giving my family ! In an attempt to rescue the meal I tore the skin completely off and what I found were large pockets of their injected solution and tons of fat. I cleaned all of that off , seasoned the bird, and stretched the skin over as much of the breast as it would cover. I baked it a little different than there instructions as I start a turkey off at a high temp for first 30 minutes as this keeps the meat moister, then go to the recommended temp for the rest of the time.Even after cooking it an extra hour this turkey did not get done.I will never use this brand again. As you can see from above they are not trustworthy business people!

cc084e6f, 2014-12-28, 11:15PM CST

the turkey breast I purchased at Kroger was not in good quality, it was very dry I would like to request a refund or replacement. it was 7.98 lbs. total price 18.27 the upc number was 260084018272 it had a valid good date my address at my residents is 228 Thunderstruck road Thunderstruck road Whitley City Ky 42653 thank you, Donna Phillips

Kathleen G., 2014-12-29, 10:01AM CST

ccD84e6f Go directly to the Cargill link in the upper section to request your refund . I'm not saying they will give you one , but that is who you need to speak to to try to get a refund. I am still waiting for a reply, but not holding my breathe as I do not look good in blue !

bruce f., 2015-03-29, 10:50AM CDT

I am totally dis appointed with my turkey breast,it also was missing all of the skin.How is this going to help roast a moist and tender piece of meat. I clicked on this link expecting to be able to file a complaint with someone who is a complaint taker, that would be reviewed by company personnel that can do the right thing. I will not purchase another product until they review these complaints and do something fo the customers that have voice

simular. Bruce Filipek

103 gratoit 48040

Colleen N., 2015-09-03, 09:43AM CDT

I purchased turkey breast from local IGA store yesterday - Believe they just started stocking your brand & I will be sure to tell the owner my experience so that stops. Please see picture attached - no skin on breast - breast actually has knife marks opening up the meat - gray skin on neck and tail portions with some black - inside of cavity contained lungs & only who knows what else - disgusting. And this passed inspection? I took pictures to send you and show the store owner - very disgusting. - I won't purchase your brand again

Sheryl B., 2015-09-16, 09:33PM CDT

As another had stated, I wish I'd read these comments before making my purchase. Most of the skin was intact, but so were a lot of the "insides". Large portions of organs were still attached (not entirely sure what they were) and two different "pouches" containing blood. Absolutely disgusting. It took a long time to cut these parts out, as I don't think it would be safe to cook with them in. Will NEVER buy another Pride product.

9d549340, 2015-12-25, 09:58PM CST

Thanks for ruining my Christmas dinner. This was the only option/brand available at time of purchase. All the Butterballs were gone as I waited two days before Christmas.

This turkey breast is not fit for human consumption. Thank God I only ate two bites. My fiance is sick as he ate a couple more bites than me. We dug the packaging out of the trash because of our concern after he started feeling Ill. Then after typing in the brand, complaints was the first thing that popped up.

So after reading the horror, we threw the whole thing out. We barely ate any. Well, it is two hours since and it is still in the yard untouched by all the raccoons, opossums, armadillos, coyotes, black bears, feral cats and, etc. Normally, food we throw out is gone in ten minutes' time.


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