Simply The Best Entertainment - Impersonation - Theft - Stalking

Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 2:07am CST by Faranack

Product: Music - DJ

Company: Simply The Best Entertainment

Location: 654 Lanyard Ct


Category: Entertainment

Steve Leflar has posted under my name on the internet. He has attacked my 12 year old son and now has launched three fraudulent websites on my son's father

Last night, I went to the police with my son and his father and we were told to contact the DA

Steve Leflar and Eric Symons are reprehensible perverted stalkers

I never trusted Eric , whom I have known since 2004

He lied constantly and thinks he is clever. Steve Leflar continues to stalk my family. My criminal complaint against him and Eric includes Leflar calling my son on his cell phone, calling me a towel head, calling black people by the N word,. threatening my husband, and lying through his teeth as he casually ripped off over 30 musicians and tried blaming my husband. For all the parents out there, we have to stop internet child predators like Steven R Leflar

I am sending letters to the wineries with copies of our complaint for child stalking against Eric Symons and Steven Leflar

Please do not believe one word on Leflar's websites. he is a truly socliopathic human being. I am filing restraining orders against both me for stalking my 12 year old boy


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Pashe, 2013-02-17, 01:22PM CST

Steve Leflar is pretty slimy on all fronts. It is good to see everyone expose this child predator. We will not rest until he is behind bars or stops his stalking

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