NY Prestige Limo - JFK Airport Tranfer

Posted on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 9:46am CST by Carlos Alberto M.

Product: NY Prestige Limo - Airport Service

Company: NY Prestige Limo

Location: 245 10th Ave, Suite 410
NEW YORK, NY, 10011, US

URL: http://www.nyprestigelimo.com

Category: Travel, Vacations

I contracted one car to pick-up us in JFK Airport (2012,july,02). The car arrives extremely delayed and the driver called me whem I was arriving in The Surrey Hotel. I paid an additional tax in order the driver meet us inside the airport (US$ 137.50). The driver wasn?t there and arrived delayed. We went to hotel by cab.

"I contracted a car that went to airport extremely delayed, we waited the car during 20 minutes (with a children that is 4 years old and was coming from Brazil) and I called you by phone and nobody answer at 19h59. I contracted $15 more to a person meet us, nobody was there. When we just arrived in hotel at 21h06 I receive an incoming calling from the driver and I told him that he was extremely delayed. My credit card was charged at 22h09. We could resolve friendly if you transport us to airport next Monday free of charge, a minimum repair. Please, confirm us by phone or contacting The Surrey hotel. (212)288-3700. Thank You."

"Hi,Our driver was at the airport but you did not see him.Anyway, we are very honest people and we will pick you up on Monday for free .Please tell us the date and the time and we will be there on time for you.Regards,Mel"

After I send an e-mail the NY Prestige Limo proposed me to do the transfer hotel-JFK in our departure (2012,July,09). I scheduled by e-mail 11h50 a.m. The driver arrived at 11h30 and went out without us at 11h40. Whem we done the hotel check-out the driver wasn?t there. I called the company and the person inform me that the car was there at 11h30. We contracted a SUV in front of hotel paying 50% off comparing with NY Prestige Limo.

"Our Hotel check-out will be on Monday, July, 09, 11:50 a.m.

We are in The Surrey Hotel, 20 East 76th Street. Phone: 212-288-3700"

"Your driver was at your hotel at 11:30am as scheduled. He waited and we even called your mobile number and there was no answer. You then called our company 40 minutes after the scheduled pick up time, only to state that you were in the lobby. You have to be out front of the hotel in order for the driver to locate you. If you did not see your driver, you should have called to locate him. I explained to you earlier, that your reservation was scheduled for 11:30am, and you called at 12:10pm asking for him. Please if you do not understand what was being stated to you, you should have passed the phone to someone who does. You can not expect the driver to wait over 40 minutes for you. Regards, Amy"


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