ostermans - ostermans stole my ring

Posted on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 10:02pm CST by sharie p.

Company: ostermans

Location: 5001 monroe st
TOLEDO, OH, 43623, US

Category: Jewelry, Watches

on 12/1/12, I went to the mall, and stopped at ostermans jewelers in toledo, to buy some christmas gifts, While i was shopping the clerk asked if i wanted her to clean my rings, i said yes, I handed her my seven rings, 5 minutes later, she handed me back 8, 2 of them were not mine, and my pink sapphire that my husband bought me for my anniversary was not there, being the honest person I am, i called her over, and gave her the 2 that were not mine, and told her my sapphire was missing, they looked everywhere, obviously they gave my ring to someone else, The local store admitted fault,

The manager offered me store credit, not acceptable, only Rogers and Hollond carry my ring, I was told i had to call corporate, and they are entirely blase about the whole affair, and also will only offer store credit..IF ostermans had my ring, , or even something very simular, i would accept that, , , but they


I only want to be made whole, thier policy for cleaning rings is negligent, They allowed another customer to take my ring, this is theft and entirely thier fault. I will never deal with them or any of thier sister stores again..I plan on filing a report with the BBB, , a police report, , and going to small claims..


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