Comcast - Unfair Trade Practices

Posted on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 11:30am CST by Adam B.

Product: High Speed Internet Services

Company: Comcast

Location: 2830 Ne Hogan Drive
GRESHAM, OR, 97030, US


Category: Internet Services

Do you trust Comcast? Getting their blazing fast internet service is super easy. it?s the getting out that is guaranteed to raise eyebrows. If you want to free up your money read my review carefully.

After months of poor service I decided to cancel my overpriced Comcast Xfinity internet account. This review documents the problems I encountered when I tried to disconnect my Comcast internet service.

I can find plenty of uses for the additional sixty nine dollars and ninety five cents a month I will be saving. I can buy a tank of gasoline or take my girlfriend to seven cheap lunches over at the local Taco Bell.

We all make mistakes. Mine was not checking which companies provided internet service to my apartment building. If I had known Comcast was the only choice I would not have moved here.

I surfed Google for locations and quickly realized that Comcast only had three payment locations in the entire Portland Oregon metropolitan area.

The closest location was at 2830 Ne Hogan Dr Gresham OR 97030.

This is a drive of approximately fifteen miles each way. This lack of convenience quickly demonstrated Comcasts poor customer service skills and general contempt for their customers.

I arrived at the Comcast Gresham Oregon payment facility and took a number. My number was called and I got customer service representative Bianca.

I advised Bianca that I wanted to cancel my service. As proof I showed her my last paid bill which had all my relevant account information. I proceeded to place the modem, power supply, Ethernet cable and installation cd on the counter.

Amused Bianca now displayed a devilish smile and advised me that she could not close the account without a state issued photo id. Clearly she was enjoying the interaction.

I explained that I did not have a photo id available. Her smile now turned into a big grin as she refused to close the account.

There are loads of seniors and disabled peopled that do not have a state issued photo id because they do not drive. Seniors and people with disabilities do not drive for medical reasons.

Illegal aliens are not supposed to drive because they are in the United States illegally. If US Customs and Border Enforcement wants to round up the illegal aliens just follow the Comcast vans.

How do Illegal aliens close their Comcast accounts since they are not legally eligible for an official state issued photo id? It is the Lucha Libre effect one set of rules for Americans and another for the illegal aliens.

While waiting for my turn I witnessed two Comcast customers of apparently south of the border decent receiving special attention from the Comcast sales staff. The fellow had a handful of cash.

Apparently Comcast has a sweet deal going on. Comcast will not report the illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Illegals will show up once a week with a fistful of dollars.

I advised Bianca that my previous paid statement and the serial numbers on the Comcast supplied modem clearly established that I was the subscriber. Arrogant and defiant to the end she still refused.

Comcast registers all rental modems to a specific account. A burglar would have to brake into my apartment and gain access to my last paid statement and my modem for the Comcast logic to make sense.

Comcast does not have the color of authority to demand a photo id from anybody. Only law enforcement has the color of authority to make such a demand.

Comcast is asking for their customers photo id under false pretenses.

Comcasts real motives and for skip tracing operations. Comcast assumes all customers are dishonest and wants to make sure they can hunt you down if you refuse to pay up.

Since Comcast demands payment before service their demand is arbitrary, unreasonable and is not based on a legitimate business need.

I asked to speak to the manager and Bianca ignored my request. I advised Bianca that I would be reviewing her behavior on Google and she said that she did not like be threatened.

A short obese Caucasian female employee got involved and in a nutshell asked me to leave. I asked her for a receipt for the returned equipment and she refused. No surprise more games and lies.

She threw all the returned equipment into the Comcast nighttime return receptacle. Wow what a professional. I wonder how many of Comcasts employees are illegal aliens.

The truth is this transaction demonstrates Comcasts horrible customer service skills. Comcast routinely pulls the customers credit report without their knowledge or written permission.

The Federal Credit Reporting Act criminalized the pulling of unauthorized credit reports. The FCRA does not allow anybody to pull your credit without your prior written permission.

The only permissible purposes are your employers and your insurance companies. Any credit accounts where you have specifically applied for an extension of credit are also exempt.

Violations of the FCRA are punishable by jail time, reasonable attorneys fees and punitive damages. This great law has serious criminal and economic consequences for those that offend.

Nothing induces any defendant to settle faster than the possibly of serving jail time in a federal prison. Incarceration in a penitentiary has the effect of quickly bringing any defendant to the settlement table.

You can expect Comcast to fight to keep their employees out of jail. Your lawyers can fight just as hard and can easily push the attorneys fees into the millions.

Do not worry about legal expenses as Comcast is going to pay the final bill. Comcast will fight hard to escape a large judgment. You are allowed to fight just as hard to win your case.

Punitive damages are intended by the court to punish and set an example for despicable behavior. There is no maximum dollar limit on the amount of punitive damages a jury can award.

The federal court is unlikely to overturn any punitive damage award on appeal as punitive damages are intended by the court to set an example for despicable behavior and punish the guilty parties.

Comcast is known for cooking their books that is failing to document customer service complaints so they can establish deniability. They will innocently claim that they have no proof that you called.

Whenever you contact Comcast keep a contemporaneous log that notes the date of your complaint, time, the name of the person who answered the call and their employee id number.

Although they are likely to use a phony name the court will get the idea. Companies caught lying to the court are guilty of serious discovery violations which are punishable by punitive damages.

In my opinion Comcast is a house of cards that is ready to crash to the floor. Comcast does not want you to know how they really operate. I guarantee Comcast will settle before the case goes to trial.

Since Comcast bills one month in advance and demands payment before delivering any service they are not a true credit relationship. If you see Comcast on your credit reports talk to a good litigation attorney.

All violations of the Federal Credit Reporting Act provides for reasonable attorneys fees you should have no problem finding a really competent attorney to work on a contingency fee basis.

Since Comcast will be paying your attorney fees hire the best and most expensive attorney money can buy. Look for a litigation attorney with actual constitutional law and trial experience. Ask for proof.

Between the refusal to close my account and their unlawful pulling of the consumers credit report it should be clear that Comcast engages in unfair business practices.

As you recall Bianca was originally threatened and had me kicked out of the Gresham Oregon Comcast office for my willingness to use my first amendment rights and review how she handled this transaction.

FYI Bianca censorship of complaints is a very bad idea. The Supreme Court has ruled the truth is an absolute defense. Bianca has my permission to post my review on Face Book, Twitter and her resume.

My disconnection nightmares are not over. I called Comcast at 1 800 266 2278 and their agent assured me the service would be disconnected the same day. This turned out to be another lie.

The Federal Trade Commission is not doing its job. I wonder if this has anything to do with Comcast bribing one of their top commissioners with a high paying job. Comcast does not play fair.

Do not repeat my mistake. There are numerous wifi hotspots that you can use for free. Bars, coffee shops, Laundromats and restaurants offer free anonymous internet services. Give Comcast the bat.

Comcast secret weapon is trying to force their customers to stay against their will using unfair trade practices. If this is the best Comcast can do then I do not expect Comcast to survive their competition.

Is 2012 the end of the world for Comcast? I do not know but I do know that you can bring down a mighty dam by creating a very small and strategic crack in their economic armor and letting gravity do the rest.

Comcast and their rude employees are not worth all the hassles. I stand behind the accuracy of this well researched article. There are no statues of limitations issues as this complaint is very recent.

Initial causes of action include censorship, breach of contract, interference with economic advantage, unfair trade practices, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

If any class action attorneys are interested in filing a class action lawsuit where I am the named lead plaintiff they should contact me via secure email with all of their relevant information.


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