Bank of America - Bank of America does bad business

Posted on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 2:48pm CST by TJ d.

Product: Bank Of America

Company: Bank of America

Location: US

Category: Business, Finances

Well let me first start off by saying I one thought this was the best bank to do business with.It turns out that I was wrong. I had this bank of America"world points"card for quite sometime now.Had many offers on balance transfers to zero percent.One time I decided to pay off a higher balance credit card,so I took the 12 month zero % offer but had to pay a percentage fee which i understand. So, got that one credit card paid off with my entire balance.I was so happy that I didn't have to worry about paying 19% on over $10,000.00.Not to long after I decided to pay this card off with even a much better offer.Anyway that was then and this is now.Since then i keep receiving these balance transfer forms.The only issue was that my amount I needed to transfer was approximately $3,000.00 more than my credit limit.I decided to do this by phone(the worst step i ever made)so i call and speak to a gentleman who was delighted to help me with my transfer. I explained to him that the balance I have exceeds the amount of my credit card.The gentleman explained that their was going to be a fee of like 3%(i think) which worked out to be in the area of $300-$400.00. he stated I can use "x" amount of my credit along with the fee and i will be close to my credit limit.I said that was okay.I should have just followed through without opening my mouth.I then asked if their was a way I can speak to someone about getting a partial credit limit increase this way I could pay off my entire card.I then was transferred over to a girl named "Jackie" I guess this was bank of America's top of the the line loan officer. She then asked me multiple questions of my past history as well as why I had a fraud alert on my account.I had explained everything.I tell you I must have spent 40 minutes on the phone because I decided to try and get an increase.Well it started to go down hill from here.I started with my social security card,and a bunch of questions to why I had high balances on my credit cards.I had explained that I had a brief period of hardship after finding out that my wife was diagnosed with lupus,fibro myalga,and degenerative disc disease.With that being said she lost her job and at the time were were both splitting the bills because we had so many.Keep in mind that my credit history was excellent.I never,ever had any issues with any creditors regarding late payments.As a matter of fact I always paid my payments way before they were even due. As the conversation went forward,it also went south.She told me that she was sorry she couldn't extend my credit to to me having a current loan out.I said what does that have to do with what I am asking.I have been a customer for years and isn't the general rule of thumb to make sure someone has good credit before you actually give them credit? Well it wasn't that,it was because "Jackie" stated that i was considered a risk.I said how can i be a risk when i have never been one before.I pay my bills on time no matter what the hell i owe.I even told her that I truly regretted talking to her and if i only kept my mouth shut and spoke with the other person I would have had my transfer done already.Can you believe she also closed my account?? I was like WTF!The conversation just kept going back and forth.Now ask anyone this.When you apply for a credit card, the first thing they want to know is your salary and then your social,and then they scan your credit history to see if the potential customer had good credit and wasn't late on payments you would most likely get that credit card you need.The bottom line is I got fucked by Jackie and the bank of America.I make my payment way before they are due.I make a good salary,and my credit is outstanding...but im still a risk.I explained to "Jackie" that you guys are basically screwing me over.No other creditor has ever been so unfair to me.As a matter of fact I recently applied for another credit card from another bank and they approved me within 10 minutes.I was offered the same zero percent till feb 2014 with a variable rate of 12%whoever reads this think twice about why banks do what they do. Also think twice about doing any kind of business with Bank of America.When you think they are there to help you think twice.It's worth the time to search around and find a bank that serves their customers with respect.I was shown no respect whatsoever.Ohh and that girl should be re-evaluated for here position and maybe give her a mop.


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