Sony store in Roosevelt Field - Blasting music

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at 8:27pm CST by ac49b1a3

Company: Sony store in Roosevelt Field

Location: GARDEN CITY, NY, 11530, US

Category: Stores, Shopping

The Sony store BLASTS music at about 10 minute intervals. It is damaging to our eardrums to listen to music at such high volumes. I don't understand how this helps their sales at all. We should all complain and stop shopping there until they stop doing this.

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67f729f6, 2013-04-17, 01:22AM CDT

My wife's boyfriend buys her a pair of Chinese made headphones on Friday. Later that evening, while using them at home, the wire separates at the central clip (defective). She doesn't know where the receipt is, her man lives in Glen Cove and doesn't drive. Saturday morning I call the store to apprise them of what occurred, that I would like to exchange them for a working pair. I explain to the phone rep that I don't have the receipt but they were bought at about 1 PM, using a debit card, and I could give them the name of the cardholder. The phone rep told me, "not a problem". She assured me that if I brought in the headphones, they could simply look at the sales records for Friday, verify the purchase, and exchange them for a pair that is not defective.

I went on Saturday with the phones. After a 15 minute wait, a manager (Eric) came over to speak to me and I was told that without the receipt AND the physical debit card, they could not help me. I assured him that I had carefully explained all dynamics to the phone rep and she told me they could simply look up the purchase.

The manager asked me who I spoke to and I didn't know. He also continued, "We had over 100 employees working on Friday, so I have no way of knowing who it was".

I asked him if he could simply look at the computer for that day, gave him the buyer's name, the buyer's debit card number, and the time that it was bought. He declined to do that.

I asked him to simply look up the headphone purchase and he would see all the info I could supply him with. He answered, we sell up to 1000 pairs of those headphones each day.

I mentioned to him that in the 15 minutes I was awaiting him, not one purchase was rung up, in fact, there were no more than 3 browsers in the entire store at that time, and I asked him if he was sure that those are the model headphones that they sell up to 1000 per day of.

Flustered, he told me there was no point in continuing the conversation because he can't help me without the receipt or the physical debit card and that even if I had those items, the original purchaser must exchange them.

I further explained that the purchaser is a disabled Viet-Nam war veteran, doesn't drive, and it's a hardship for him to get to the mall without a lot of effort.

Again, he was unmoved and considerably hostile under the circumstances.

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