Wecoochem - Nembutal Scam/Ripoff by Wenchao Wu a.k.a Kevin Allen from Wecoochem a.k.a Wecoolab a.k.a RCChem

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at 9:49pm CST by c0f27857

Product: Powdered Nembutal

Company: Wecoochem

Location: HEBEI, HEBEI, CN

URL: http://www.wecoochem.com/

Category: Products, Services

I had ordered powdered Nembutal from Wecoochem last month. I was asked to pay upfront using Western Union. In fact, the contact person, Wenchao Wu, insisted on WU and avoided Paypal saying that using PP incurs a handling fee. Obviously a lie. A fake picture of the so-called product bottle was also emailed to me.

I was promised delivery by DHL or FedEx or EMS in 5 days. Now it has been 25 days. No tracking number, No delivery status has been provided so far. Wecoochem has also stopped responding to my emails. There is no tracking number because there is NO product.

The "manager" of the company uses the names Wenchao Wu or Kevin Allen or Kenvin Allen or Kenven Allen, and the email addresses [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] . He/She is a cold-blooded scammer. Extreme caution is needed when dealing with this individual.

He/She also uses other company names like Wecoolab and RCChem. He/She disappears after receiving your money. All their phone numbers found online are fake.

All in all, I lost the exorbitant amount of USD600. Do not send money to buy any kind of reagent from this individual and his "companies".

In general, do not trust the Chinese, especially online, with your drug/reagent requirements.


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