BIC Supply - Fred Stern BIC Supply New York Brooklyn scam.

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at 2:37pm CST by Pavel K.

Product: Fred Stern BIC Supply New York Brooklyn scam.

Company: BIC Supply

Location: 63 Flushing Avenue # 233
NEW YORK, NY, 11211, US


Category: Online Shopping

Avoid Fred Stern at BIC supply, he is deadbeat and don't pay his bills. Here is the truth about this guy.

I was hired by Mendel Friedman Contrieve Intereactive to do a job for Fred Stern BIC supply, we agreed to complete a web-based project for $22/hr and half of deal was done sucessfully

but he decided alone to change the rules and refuse to pay, I was waiting for my payment 24 days and nothing has been released, no even a cent.

He said I don't need web-based application anymore, I will use another programmer and choose another platform and I won't pay you because I am businessman

and what I said is bullshit. If I changed my mind I won't pay if I even ordered something.

We had 15 mins of phone conversation and a lot of empty words from his side. No results in paying...

Dicussed the same thing with Mendel Friedman, he said he chooses my side, because Fred is MAD!!! he said! However they said me start working full-time,

because we need the application ASAP. I said I can prove my each hour, but that doesn't matter to Fred.

I can tell more from my experience. I was working 151hrs and not paid... That's how they do their business. Fred sells a lot of things and that's how he does his business

He earns his money and do not pay for services other guys do for him, would you say is this honest???

I think that's not the first or last fail in his business.

Avoid him or you have a chance to be SCAMMED by Fred Stern at BIC Supply


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