Matchmaker Matchmaker - Harvey Luna/Matchmaker-Matchmaker in Beaumont, TX

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at 10:51pm CST by 0803b2f3

Product: Dating service

Company: Matchmaker Matchmaker

Location: 1846 I-10 South, Suite 201

Category: Online Scams

Harvey Luna contacted me to solicit me for membership to his dating service, Matchmaker Matchmaker in Beaumont, Texas. He uses very high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign on to membership with his service. He prays upon middle aged women, in particularly, and leads people to believe that he is a Christian with a huge database of eligible bachelors who are good looking, healthy, well-dressed, well educated, and financially successful. He pressures you to MEET with him and spends lots of time asking you tons of questions and jotting them down in a file...but the information is never related to the people who are doing the matchmaking. He makes statements such as "I'm gonna blow your socks off" and "just give me a chance, I will have you in a serious relationship within 3 months." He tells you that he has an extensive database of men who are "just your type" or are looking for "someone just like you." He pressures you to make a decision right on the spot at the meeting, and keeps asking you "what would it take to get you to sign up for membership today before you leave here." If you say you don't know, he continues to say different prices to see if you would do it for that amount. He is worse than a used car salesman. I even told him that I didn't like his high pressure tactics. He says that statistics show that people who leave and don't sign up at the first meeting end up not signing up. NOW, I know why... because if you investigate his name or businesses and see what a scam artist he is, you wouldn't sign up. I am very sorry that I didn't go home and investigate him before I signed up.

He promises that he has access to a huge database, however, when you get your first match, it will be nothing like you told him you were interested in. When you decline the match, they will call you and berate you saying things like "you are superficial and shallow" and try to talk you into going out with someone who is not a match for you. After complaining to the owner, Harvey Luna, that I thought the organization was a fraud and doubted their database, he insists that "Rome wasn't built in a day" and that I just need to trust him. The second match, they didn't even send any paperwork to me, a matchmaker just called me. She was very rude and unprofessional, verbally chastising me for not accepting the first match proposed. When she brought up the next person she proposed, she said he was tall, handsome, and well dressed, but did not meet my income requirements. When I declined, she again accused me of being shallow and superficial and said that I could have all the money in the world and if I was alone, I wouldn't be happy. She even asked "may I ask why you got a divorce?" I tried to explain to her that education and income level equaled lifestyle and I wanted to meet someone whose lifestyle matched mine...someone who could fit in with my group of friends and professional group. I have told them several times that I think that they misrepresented their database and their services and that I wanted my money back... they do not refund! I told the owner that I felt that he had violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by misrepresenting the services that he would render. He said I could sue him, that others had tried, and that I would not win.

In summary, he took my money, refused to give it back, and has not rendered the services that he promised. He has also done this to friends of mine whose stories are very similar to mine.




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c787d5e3, 2013-01-10, 01:05PM CST

Google "Together Dating", "The Right One", "Truly Happy", "Two of Us", "Harvey Luna dating scams". Just a few hints to get a lawyer, the state, and the news in your area involved! He has been in several areas of Texas as well as New Jersey and Pennsylvania (King of Prussia). Good luck!

5dd311ba, 2013-04-17, 09:57AM CDT

Harvey Luna is such a scum bag...he and all the people associated with him like Tolina. One day the good Lord wuill take them to their knees for all the money that they have stolen from innocent people who think they are doing the right thing when meeting with these snakes!!!! We all need to go to the police and let them know what they are doing to get peoples info and steal money from them!!!

b4801b0e, 2013-05-07, 04:40PM CDT

Harvey Luna and Jennifer his wife to be, team up and tell you how great you are... you become bait for the pitiful database they claim to have.... Small claims court or class action maybe we should all meet and plan our court date...

new one besides "Together Dating", "The Right One", "Truly Happy", "Two of Us", "Harvey Luna dating scams". "SOUTHEAST TEXAS SINGLES" 409 347 7567..... another Harvey and Jennifer Luna SCAM.. I will be posting on FACEBOOK and twitter...with pic and recordings of his bad language too.

9e048e96, 2013-05-09, 06:13PM CDT

The information above is completely false and defamatory. The individual who posted the above comment has brought names of other businesses and people that in no way directly relate to Matchmaker Matchmaker operaions. We believe in what we do. Perfection in anything is impossible and mistakes can not, in any area of business, be completely avoided that is why we always advise our members to keep the lines of communication open and let us know if their are any questions, concerns, or issues that they may come across. We are truly interested in helping people and keeping our members happy, however if there is no communication received regarding a problem, we cannot be held responsible if it is not solved.

208fb756, 2013-05-14, 03:56PM CDT

Everything above is 100% true! How do I know I used to work for Harvey Luna. He is a horrible pig. He is a liar, scam artist, he yells at employees and doesn't pay them on time! He cheats on Jennifer all the time. How do I know because he tried it with me several times! She doesn't know what goes on because she has to go out of state to visit her kids. Everyone needs to call the media on him! Read the story in the Examiner. He claims to be a Christian but that is also a lie. He is the devil!

5dd311ba, 2013-05-14, 10:30PM CDT

Amen to him being the devil!!! I would love to see people who have been taken by him all go to the police and show them where he took our money and left us with very little. I started to go to the police but felt too ashamed of letting him take my money. I really don't want people to know that I was that stupid, also a little frightened of what he would do if he found out that I had gone to the police.

Business Reply  578303d9, 2013-06-03, 05:37PM CDT

Most of the comments on here are written by disgruntled employees, who were let go because they didn't have what it takes to do well in this industry. Listen to the tone and comments made be these people, there is so much hatred and resentment that they then make personal attacks. I, Harvey Luna, totally deny all alleged and slanderous and liable comments said and written by the above anonymous people. You have to love goggle, anyone can go on and post frivolous comments til the cows come home without any fear of reprisal since no names are given. Also, in case no one has noticed, the Examiner is a local National Enquirer, it's not worth the paper it's written on. As far as my members are concerned you can't please 100% of the people 100% of the time, but most of my complaints are posted by members who had buyers remorse the day after they joined, so one day i would love someone to explain to me how it's a scam and we're such bad people when they've never even used the service. And for those who have used the service and are not happy feel free to contact me personally anytime at 409 347 7298, and i'll do everything that's humanly possible to make you happy with the service. We do the best we can we're not God and we don't have a crystal ball we just give you a better chance in a safe environment.

208fb756, 2013-06-03, 07:48PM CDT

So why is it when someone puts Harvey Luna into google there are pages and pages saying really horrible things about Mr. Luna? I guess he has had 100's of "Disgruntled employees." And if your not a scam why have you worked in so many different locations across the country and why are they under different names? It's ok Mr. Luna you don't need to explain yourself, the people of "Beaumont are just too slow" to understand anyway. That was his quote in the paper.

tanya m., 2013-07-14, 03:34PM CDT

So I guess what was printed here is not disgruntled employees or customers. But people that have been promised a service that was not delivered. That is why the attorney general has frozen their assets and services. Not what is their defense for not providing a service. Anyone that was scammed out of money should contact the attorney general if you have any hopes of getting your money back.

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