Savvides Christos - Booking with EXPEDIA

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 at 8:32am CST by Christos S.

Company: Savvides Christos

Location: CY

Category: Internet Services

Dear sir or madam

This year i have planned christmas vacations in NYC via booking with expedia.After 2 days of bookinf 4 airplane tickets i decited to change the flying dates of the 2 tickets.That happened after i called expedia(its the only way to do it)we agreement a penalty fee to do that.Not only they charged me the penalty fee but 2 new airplane tickets also.You imagine the sum of this...Ater several calls and emails i ve tried to find out my wrights with them they never gave a straigt aswer of their acts.They simply took my money for 6 tickets and a penalty fee for what?and they showing me 4 tickets.How can i find my wrights with them?

Thanks anyway.


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