Land's towing services - Avoid Land's towing services of Marlborough, mass

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 at 7:27pm CST by 199ff919

Product: towing service

Company: Land's towing services

Location: Land's Towing Services 109 Fitchburg Street Marlborough, MA 01752?


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Land's towing service of Marlborough, ma Sent a psychotic moron to assist me, in my opinion. AVIOD USING THIS TOWING COMPANY ! Address: 109 Fitchburg Street, Marlborough, MA 01752, Massachusetts

Land's towing service needs to train their employees better. They should screen for drug use and do a criminal background check before hiring if they do not do so allready.

The driver they sent out to assist me was , at best, a psychotic moron. He displayed a complete disregard for my vehicle and a violent temper which I considered to be an assault on me personally. He certainly seemed deranged and was deffinitely abusive toward me and my vehicle. I was and am disgusted by the way that this employee of Land's towing service acted toward me and his reckless abuse of my vehicle.

On the morning of 12/01/12 my wife found that the left rear tire of her vehicle was flat due to a blown valve stem. Having no spare tire, we called AAA for a tow to the tire shop 1 mile away. AAA dispatched Land's Towing of marlborough , Mass.The driver arrived with a flatbed tow truck, it had been snowing and the ramp of the flatbed was slick with ice and snow. Instead of utilizing the winch that hit tow truck was equipped with to carefully pull my wife's car onto the truck, the driver tried to drive my wife's vehicle onto the snow and ice slicked truck ramp while the left rear tire was completely flat. He spun the tires at high speed and almost made it up onto the truck but her vehicle slid back down due to the icy conditions. At this point the tire which was in good condition but for the blown valve stem, came half way off of the aluminum rim of the wheel. I told the driver to stop trying to drive my wife's vehicle onto the ramp and use the winch before he did more damage to the tire and aluminum rim. The driver yelled profanity at me and again tried to drive my wife's vehicle onto the truck ramp with the left rear tire half off of the wheel rim already despite my protests. He failed to drive my wife's vehicle onto the icy truck ramp despite a furious spinning of the wheels , one of which was of course flat and now half off the wheel rim. I pointed out to him that all he was going to accomplish by continuing his absurd attempts at driving the vehicle up onto the truck was damage to the tire and rim. He yelled more profanity at me and threatened to leave us stranded in the snow and drive away. Then he asked me if I wanted to do his job for him. I did not. He then finally used the winch that the tow truck was equipped with to pull the vehicle onto the tow truck. At our destination he refused to give me a copy of the tow-slip for my records and left. I have called AAA and lodged a complaint with them, giving them the name of the company and the number of the tow truck. The tow truck was emblazoned with a very large AAA symbol as well as the company name Land's Towing of Marlborough, Mass. I will also be following up with my complaint against this towing company with AAA for damage to the wheel rim and tire as well as my complaint against the tow truck driver for his rude abusive language and reckless disregard for my vehicle. I am thoroughly disgusted by my experience with Land's Towing of Marlborough, Mass. And their employee.


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