Coracall - Once bitten stay twice shy especially when Coracall is involved

Posted on Friday, November 30th, 2012 at 3:36am CST by Anonymous

Company: Coracall

Location: US

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There is a reason behind why individuals are wary of companies that offer products/services to them. The reason is that these companies have often deceived them in some way or the other. Individuals can never be too certain about what the true intentions of a company are, especially without research. The problem is that not all individuals get to do research on a particular company.

Sometimes even a reputed company as can be observed in the case of Phruit Limited, is possible of deceiving customers.Phruit, was a UK based company that enjoyed a good reputation till it was discovered that it had indulged in unethical marketing practices and violated the privacy of individuals as well. According to the DMC led investigation, Phruit was found to be guilty of violating the following guidelines:

1. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing.

2. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers.

3. 3.18 on ?sugging? or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research

But how did Phruit begin with this process of fooling individuals and how did they get caught?

Agents of Phruit began with this deceptive process by calling up individuals and claiming that they needed their personal details for research purposes. Naive individuals gave out details because they saw no harm in doing so and thought that it was for a good purpose.However, they were being lied to by agents of Phruit as the information retrieved was being sold to various product selling companies.

Once these companies got their hands on the information, the lives of individuals became a living hell. This was because the phone kept ringing non stop and they got bombarded with calls for products/services. Its then that individuals first got suspicious and began to wonder how their personal information had reached these telemarketing companies.

These individuals had opted for TPS compliance and had gotten themselves registered on the Do Not Call lists, so how on earth did their numbers slip out? They began to think back and all suspicion began pointing towards Phruit, so they decided to get Phruit to look into the matter. Once the revelations of the DMC about Phruit were made public it lost its reputation and was forced to shut down.

But what good use is it to talk about Phruit now? Well it is of immense use because Phruit did not disappear from the business scene completely rather it planned a comeback carefully and has already re-emerged today in the form of Coracall.

Coracall is a company which today may not come across as deceptive at all, but the truth is that since it shares its roots with Phruit one should stay away from it. To prove how Phruit and Coracall are related, we will state three points:

1. After Phruit shut down in the UK, they were quick enough to shift to South Africa, and began functioning out of a call center in KwaZulu Natal under the name Coracall, but a little research will help one understand that their proprietor is one and the same-British company Assured Capital Holdings.

2. Also it can easily be understood that management is the same for both companies because Mr. Phil Lightfoot, the director of Phruit Limited is the Chief Executive Officer for Coracall!

3. And thirdly the services offered by Coracall as well as the strategies used by them while handling campaigns are very similar to those used by Phruit.

Individuals should therefore understand that they are being asked to stay away from Coracall for their own good and that it is sure to follow in the footsteps of Phruit.No matter how much agents convince individuals, they should stay away. If however, they have already started receiving calls from Coracall they should immediately put an end to this nonsense by complaining at the following address:

Barnby House,

Barnby Gate,



NG24 1PZ.

Or they can be called up at 08455 199131

Shaun Aster is not one to sit quietly as a company like Coracall starts spinning its web of deception around individuals. This can be said with utmost certainty as it is related to the fraud company Phruit Limited which in the past has already made a fool of individuals.


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