Glastonbury Vet - Nightmare in Glastonbury

Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 at 4:34pm CST by 68f34d00

Company: Glastonbury Vet

Location: 121 Pratt street Glastonbury CT


Category: Pets, Animals

These people are money hungry , and thats being kind. I use to goto them and strongly suggest to anyone reading this to avoid these guys at all costs.

The main problem is named Robin.Before she came on, I had a beautiful relationship with theses people, and an open account. Being that my only sorce of income is Social Security, and having sick cats- it was a wonderful arrangement.

Well, one day I called them, because one of the cats needed attention. I was told to bring them in.I called a half an hour later to ask for a second one and was told no problem. So I did. 10 miles and 2 hysterical cats later,I showed up and was informed that I was cut off. No reason given. I am told "we don't do free work anymore". I had an open account and payed on time without issue- never missing. Did I mention this was done for an audience? I had no money with me, so home go the cats.

I call for the records, and am told they will not send them unless I pay .55 cents a page.Not a pleasent phone call. Then the Glastonbury PD call me, to make sure I understand that I am not to goto Glastonbury vet or contact them. They took my basic information. Now I have a record, and no clue exactly what I did to deserve this.

I then got part of the records.What made this interesting is that Robin, marked on one cats file a note to see the others. On the others she put that I had a problem with paying for the days visit. She fails to mention that I had an open account in good standing and that I had no clue I was cut off until after I arrived. She put just enough to make sure that I would have a problem with any vet I presented the records to, basically making them worthless.

But it gets better. I payed as scheduled the payment due 10/12. I got a collection letter dated 11/1/12 looking for the balance on the account. Today is 11/29 and I have a letter dated 11/27 from an atty looking for the the money.

Suggestions- 1) Robin needs to bend over and let the stick drop out, and 2) They need to take a hard look at their empty waiting room and wonder why? IT's spelled R*O*B*I*N. 3) And an apology goes a long way, as well as an explaination explaining why an account in good standing is suddenly dropped, and why exactly I was made to drive cats 10 miles and not being told about billing issues until after I arrived. Loaded hint: I am sorry you feel that way is not an apology.Stay away- tactics like this suggest a company with alot of red ink on their books. Not long term relationship material.


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