Treetopia - Cheated with Broken Items

Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 at 2:44pm CST by Patsy m.

Company: Treetopia

Location: 2226 A Westbrough Blvd, STE 50


Category: Online Shopping

I ordered a set of three trees from Treetopia. When I received my order two of the tree were damaged/missing the top parts. I contact the company and was asked to send in pictures of the trees and pictures of the label on the shipping box. After several days, I received a call that if I wanted to get my replacement on the damaged items I have to donation the trees and send the company the receipt when I had done it. This seemed wrong to me and I told them I preferred to send them back to them and they could donation after they sent me my replacements items. They refused stating the only way I would get a replacement was if I donated and sent them the receipt. Is this company purposely selling damaged good to get donation receipt to get to take a tax write off. I do not think this is a common business practice and I believe this company is purposely cheating people to gain a tax break. I now have a two ft tree that I paid 138.00 and have two damaged tree with out tops that is worthless. This company needs to be investigated. Sending the trees back and getting a refund is not an option is what I was told by their bad customer service rep. I found out later that if they get the reciept for the items being donationed they don't have to pay shipping on the replacements. Boy this company has made me so angry for a shipping cost!!! Bad, bad, bad business. Don't order anything from this company and hopefully they will go out of business and there will be one less fly by night company in the world.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against donating gently used items, but not broken item and not TOPLESS CHRISTMAS TREES


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