Goodyear - Bad repair caused auto damage

Posted on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 at 7:38am CST by cheryl w.

Product: Goodyear

Company: Goodyear

Location: 6601 Everhart, Corpus christi, tx 78413


Category: Products, Services

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Filed on : November 28 2012

Filed by :

Cheryl Wheeler

5009 Goldeneye

Corpus Christi TX 78413

Filed against :

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

1144 E. Market St.

Akron OH 44316

Complaint Description:

Repaired timing belt.10 days it broke again caused engine damage. Giving run around Took my car in with broken timing belt. 10 days later the timing belt broke again. Was towed to a transmission shop was told not only did I have transmission trouble, but that there was a compression problem. From transmission shop I had it towed to the local Dodge dealer. Goodyear would not authorize them to look at the car so they sent their own service technician to the Dodge dealer. I was called and told that the timing belt was too tight and everything was out of alignment. Had it towed back to Goodyear (they wanted to reset the timing). Upon resetting the timing Goodyear told me that the car engine had been damaged by the car "jumping time". Filed a complaint with Goodyear corporate office for property damage. So far (as of 11-27-12) I have been told first the transmission shop sabotaged my car. Now upon speaking to the Goodyear Corporate office I am told that I had been told by the local Goodyear center that the timing belt and parts had been removed. I spoke to the transmission shop and they confirmed that when the car came to them it would not start. They did a compression test and it showed that there were two (2) valves damaged. I spoke to the Dodge dealer and they state that the card DID have a timing belt on when it came in and when it was towed back to Goodyear. So Goodyear did the transmission shop damage my car? Did the Dodge dealer damage my car? So far all I have heard is that SOMEONE-ANYONE but Goodyear did damage to my car.

Your Desired Resolution:

Total repair of my car at dodge dealership


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