K-Mart - Poor customer service

Posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 at 10:47am CST by Casey S.

Company: K-Mart

Location: NORWALK, OH, US

URL: kmart.com

Category: Stores, Shopping

I returned an item from KMart.com to the Norwalk, OH store and the supervisor did everything but out and out accuse me of fraud or theft. A manager was called....and the supervisor actually called KMart.com in front of me to 'verify the price'..... I spent probably 20 minutes there dealing with this while other customers looked at me like I was a theif. After she realized the return was legit, she quickly handled the transaction and gave me dirty looks. I had a list of items to pick up, but I left and went elsewhere. This will be my last visit to the Norwalk, Ohio K-Mart. I wonder how long it will take before this store goes under? You can't treat the few customers you have poorly and expect them to come back.....

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Bart S., 2012-11-30, 02:03AM CST

retailers are changing their return policies without the customers knowing about it, or they write a new return policy so complicated thats hard for anybody to understand. I am not saying you are wrong and the retailer is right,,but you have to go to the retailers website and read and understand their return policy, cause many have changed!

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