Hampshire Country Club - Hamshire country club fails to pay their employees

Posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 at 12:07pm CST by Ben A.

Product: Golf & country club

Company: Hampshire Country Club

Location: 1025 Cove Road

URL: http://www.hampshireclub.com

Category: Sports, Recreation

I was employed at the Hamshire country club in Mamaroneck New York. Worked there for little over year if not longer. Getting paid was always a bit of a hassle as sometimes checks when late or no one was there to sign them. It seems to me that after filing for their second bankruptcy, things went a little haywire at the club. I had put in 75 hours of my time at $14 an hour prior to hurricane Irene and when I went to pick up my check they claimed that because the power was out no one was going to be getting their checks. Now three weeks later after the hurricane we were told that checks would be given by paper check method however no one has gotten paid including myself. I had to file unemployment and I'm still waiting for my 75 hour payment from Hampshire and it looks like I will not be getting it. I drove there almost every day and got a different excuse from them. The usual excuses was that the boss was not there to sign the check. There were other excuses as well. In any event, I am tired as I have a child to support and will be seeking other alternative methods to obtain what is rightfully mine because I worked for that money.


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