PowerssportsMax - Rude Salesman

Posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 at 8:50pm CST by Gary T.

Product: ATVs

Company: PowerssportsMax

Location: PowersportsMax.com (Maxpro LLC.) 9448 Rush St South El Monte, CA 91733

URL: http://www.powersportsmax.com/

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

On Nov 27, 2012 at around 4pm I came across a webpage (http://www.powersportsmax.com/). I decided to take a look and call them right after to get some more information on atvs brands, price and place an order asap.

A salesman named "Anthony" answered the phone and barely answered my questions. He was rude and hung up the phone on my face. At first, I thought he had dropped that call and decided to contact him again. I was caught by surprise with the same childlike attitude and once again he hung the phone up in my face. I contacted him for the third time and a lady finally answered. I asked her for a manager to talk to and explained what had happened before. She told me the manager was too busy to answer calls like that and if I needed to complain about something, I should go on their webpage and send a complaint.

I hope people "BEWARE" of PowersportsMax.com (Maxpro LLC) located in South El Monte, CA. If you really need, a polite and qualified salesperson to deal with, go some place else, even if it costs a little more.

Please "Anthony" get your anger out on your own family, maybe they can put up with your attitude. You barely knew me to be so nasty. Learn how to treat customers before you do business. You might end up having lots of customers by being kind.

Please manager, send your staff and/or the angry ones to get trained. They need to have better qualifications than that and their anger needs to be tamed!

I am glad and thankful for not doing business with this company. If their service is like that, it makes me wonder if I would have ended up with some issues later on if an order was placed. I am more than happy to pay more and buy atvs some place else. I am also happy to let friends, family and companies know to do business with a company that is trustworthy and secure.

It took me a couple of wasted minutes to type this but I really hope people stay away from this company. Customers come first in business. Learn how to treat customers before you start a business and you might end up with lots of good customers for life which will pass the name of your company along to others.

Best of luck and hopefully your business doesn't sink to the bottom of the ocean with attitudes like that.

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Bart S., 2012-11-30, 01:49AM CST

All motorcycle, atv salespeople and dealership owners are rude. The reason they are rude cause they know you're price shopping from dealer to dealer. They never take anybody as a serious buyer since 99% of the people are just "lookers" They look at you as a loser thinking you never have the money to buy and your just wasting their time asking for a price when they think you're never going to buy on in the first place.

I have experience cause I am that guy that buys a new motorcycle or ATV every year, If I go to any dealer that doesn't know me I have to almost beg them to sell it to me, the former dealers I have bought from the past hate me cause I price shop for the best deal. The ONLY way is you have to do the work to convince them that you are a serious buyer since they spend all day dealing with "Lookers" they tend to think you are a "Looker" too!

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