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Location: 125 Jennelle Rd. BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA 24060 USA

URL: www.http://duncanlm.dealerconnection.com

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As of this date, November 26, 2012 DUNCAN FORD still owes me $1,500 plus interest, on a deal they reneged on, for vehicles that they did not deliver.

I approved a deposit of $1,000 to my credit card for the purchase of one vehicle, a 2007 Ford E-150 van. All purchase documents were couriered to me in CANADA, duly completed and the van was effectively mine upon receipt of full payment. I also offered to purchase a second similar vehicle but did not approve the $500 deposit for this vehicle. They did it anyway.

I was not able to pick up the vehicles for several months due to circumstances that were beyond my control. I called Gerry McCann, the sales manager, regularly with updates as to when I was going to pick them up. They were very understanding and NEVER pressured me to pick up the vehicles by any deadline. Gerry McCann repeatedly told me "No problem, they are sitting here waiting for you, you just take your time and let us know when you will be picking them up." It was understood that final payment for the vehicle would be done just prior to pickup /delivery of the vehicle to me.

After several months I called to arrange full payment about one week before pick-up of the two vehicles. Mr. McCann advised that both vehicles were sitting on the lot waiting for the final arrangement/payment to be completed. I advised him that I would call in a week to wire the full payment for both vehicles. One week later, I called to get the banking funds-transfer information and he said that he just sold the vehicles to a leasing company - for about $1,000 less that our deal! I pleaded with him to honor our deal since I had made a deposit, and that he reverse that sale to the leasing company, but he refused.

The vehicles were still on the lot and I begged him numerous times to reverse the sale to the leasing company. He refused and tried to convince me that he couldn't. I then asked for my $1,500 deposit to be refunded. He later revealed that he sold them to the leasing company in hopes of getting future sales.

I even pointed out that I had the signed paperwork that proved the vehicles were sold to me, this includes:





- A DEAL JACKET FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT stating WE OWE the purchaser the vehicle described and that all all obligations were met and properly equipped.

He steadfastly refused to reverse the sale and instead promised to find me two more identical vehicles. Months went by and numerous phone calls and delays, yet he could not live up to his promise. After over a year, I finally got fed up with his promises and lack of results and demanded my $1,500 deposit back. He refused, saying I took too long to pick up the vehicles!

This is corrupt! I did not renege on the deal. DUNCAN FORD DID, and they owe me a $1,500 refund of my deposit. It is important to note that I had Gerry McCann's approval by virtue of his verbal confirmation that the vehicles were ready for pickup just ONE WEEK before I was ready to wire the funds. No doubt he will attempt to refute my version of the facts, saying he insisted on full payment well in advance. This is a lie and I recorded several phone conversations that prove my position.

I was outraged and immediately called the owner himself, Mr. Paul Duncan - who is the founder, big boss and quite elderly ? expecting some understanding, to reverse the sale. To my shock he also refused and hung up! I then appealed to his son David Duncan, thinking that the very elderly father was having a bad day. To my surprise the son was the same! He also hung up on me. I could not believe it. Here is a GIANT multi-dealership FORD worth tens of millions, and they were nickel-and-dimeing me over a $1,500 deposit - that they were legally required to refund me. This amount of money was peanuts to this multi-million dollar operation, but substantial to me. Since several months went by and Gerry did not find me replacement vehicles, my credit company advised me that I had no recourse in making a claim through my credit card. I truly believe that Gerry McCann knew of this time limit and INTENTIONALLY kept stringing me along until the lime limit expired. Of all the dirty rotten crooks I have come across in my life, Gerry McCann, this company called DUNCAN FORD win the top prize for their lies and thievery.

The Duncan family also owns a huge network of 10 or more dealerships in Virginia called the Duncan Automotive Network - see this website http://www.duncanauto.net/locations/service.htm.

Here is the rest of the DUNCAN NETWORK:

Duncan Acura Service Center 2032 Peters Creek Road Roanoke VA 24017 (877) 228 - 8421

Duncan Audi Service Center 2032 Peters Creek Rd. Roanoke VA 24017 540.562.0099

Duncan Audi Service Center 2032 Peters Creek Road Roanoke VA 24017 540-562-0099

Duncan Deals Service Center 3965 S Main St Christiansburg VA 24073 540-381-2000

Duncan Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Service Center 19999 Virgil H Goode Hwy Rocky Mount VA 24151 540-483-0253

Duncan Ford Lincoln Service Center 125 Jennelle Rd Blacksburg VA 24060 540-552-4331

Duncan Hyundai Service Center 2050 Roanoke St Christiansburg VA 24073 (540) 382-2100

Duncan Mazda Service Center 125 Jennelle Rd Blacksburg VA 24060 540-552-4331

Duncan Suzuki Service Center 1001 East Main Street Pulaski VA 24301 540-980-6065

Duncan's Hokie Honda Service Center 2040 Roanoke Street Christiansburg VA 24073 (540) 381-3200

I contacted Gerry McCann about 10 weeks ago after consulting with his Office Manager. I asked for a letter explaining their position so I could appeal to the credit card company for a refund. Gerry McCann said, "I can't provide you with such a letter because that might require us to refund you your $1,500 deposit", and he hung up on me! ". Can you believe it! THEY INTENTIONALLY RENEGED ON THE SALE AT THE LAST MINUTE - NOT ME! Go figure... he was afraid of being "forced to refund my $1,500 deposit.?.

Obviously, everyone must use caution when dealing with these people. The DUNCAN DEALERSHIP does not have the integrity a consumer would expect from such a large FORD dealership, LET ALONE A SMALL INDEPENDENT ONE. This company and the people who run it cannot be trusted.

I believe that another reason they took advantage of me is because this was a long-distance deal. With me in Canada and them in the USA they simply assumed that they could get away with "STEALING" my $1,500 deposit.

It is my hope that through the power of the internet that I can finally get some satisfaction after being cheated out of $1,500 by this DUNCAN FORD STEALER-SHIP.

This is really simple - I want the money that they effectively stole from me, refunded immediately plus interest. I also invested many, many hours of my time chasing a way to recover my money and would expect some consideration for what they put me through.

Although this matter dates back a few years, it still troubles me. I could have sued, however due to the distances involved it was not practical to, and they knew it. I even complained to Ford Head Office Corporation and it fell on deaf ears. I am afraid and quite certain they will continue to scam other innocent victims like myself in the future.

I have proof of their dishonesty because I recorded numerous telephone conversations with Mr. Duncan Senior, David Duncan, Gerry McCann and Shawn Allen. I am looking for an easy way post theses recordings online for all to listen to - perhaps YouTube will generate the most exposure. Failing this I will transcribe the conversations and add them to this post. Other viewer?s comments to this complaint are welcome. You will not believe your ears how one minute they sound so polite with their southern drawl - except when it comes down to refunding the money that they stole from me.

This is to warn other people out there that intend to do business with them. It is my opinion and experience that they are two-faced liars and CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

I will not be satisfied until I am refunded in full, plus interest for the deposit that they cheated me out of.

I will continue to post this to as many other websites to expose this group of dishonest "USED CAR SALESMEN". I am sure others that they have screwed over will join me and add to their comments below, detailing their bad experiences in dealing with DUNCAN FORD. They should be ashamed of themselves in taking advantage of their customers.

I will also report this to the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Consumer Protection-Attorney General?s Office, Angie's List, Service Magic, Yelp and any other authority that reports the misdeeds of companies like DUNCAN FORD and the individuals they employ. I believe that contacting these organizations and providing them with the full details of their scam and corrupt business practices so that this appears on their business record - permanently.

A personal call-out to MR. PAUL DUNCAN SENIOR - It is obvious that you and your family are wealthy beyond the average person?s imagination. Why do YOU - WITH ALL YOUR MILLIONS - have to resort to this type of behavior? If I were a member of your family I would be EMBARRASSED!! Is this how you got to be so rich, by cheating the little guy?

Gerry McCann, the best thing that you can do is settle this matter immediately. It is time that you showed a little integrity. You have my number - you know who I am.

DO THE RIGHT THING and I will be happy to post a retraction for the entire world to see, that you DO have the ability to reason, and admit that you are wrong.

If not I hope these postings online will warn all potential customers for generations to come.

I must end by saying that certain key individuals in this company are very pathetic and should not be trusted. For such a huge FORD dealership and a family run business owned by the DUNCAN?S, their behavior in this case is unprofessional, dishonest and corrupt. The reason I chose a big Ford Dealership, in the first place, rather than a small independent car lot, is because I believed that I believed that I could trust them and there would be no shady business, BOY WAS I WRONG! I speak from personal experience here.


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