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Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 4:47pm CST by susan w.

Product: Windows Linux Web Site Hosting

Company: 1and1.com

Location: US

URL: www.1and1.com

Category: Internet Services

Please read my complete review of you might want to avoid www.1and1.com

We ordered their so called windows hosting in November 2012 and developed serious misgivings due to conflicting statements made by their employees.

Within an hour of placing the order we called and cancelled the hosting account. The agents conveniently neglected to provide his name.

A week later their email system started hammering us with more emails notifying us that they were proceeding to bill our credit card.

We emailed them several times and they advised us THAT THEY HAD NEVER RECEIVED OUR CANCELLATION REQUEST AND PROVIDED links to their cancellation of service page.

We went ahead and signed on to the cancellation page and were not surprised that the cancellation links did not work.

Get real a hosting company claming over ten million accounts that is having problems with internal links? Don?t believe it, run away as fast as your legs will take you.

We set up a legal recording machine and made the call to their customer service. Initially Chrissy picked up the phone and stated she could not find the account.

We did not believe her and suggested she begin to tell the whole truth and she hung up the phone claiming they were not allowed to be recorded.

Clearly this is not a legitimate hosting company but a well orchestrated phishing game designed to collect credit card information.

The way these types of scams work is to bill unsuspecting customers and to constantly replace them with new victims.

This way they have the use of the credit card proceeds without actually delivering any goods or service.

We have decided to force a charge back on them and to advise anybody that can read to stay away from this type of company.

This type of credit card phishing operation typically involves two or three people tops.

In reviewing the conversations with their staff they appear very willing to promise you anything to get that very important credit card information.

Andrew and Chrissy I warned you that demonstrating any more deception and or dishonesty would have a price.


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