Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 10:33am CST by c81e6544


Location: VA, US


Category: Food

I purchased a $100 salt cured ham from this company. It was sent to my family for Thanksgiving. My father told me that it was inedible due to its excessive saltiness. (He is not shy about salt) The owner of the company told me that because the description says "salt cured and slice paper thin" that was sufficient warning of extreme saltiness. (Obviously I chose a salt cured ham, which ordinarily would be delicious) However buried in their return policy is: country hams are very salty and may not be to everyone's taste. No ham can be returned for saltiness. None of this is stated in the description. This company chooses to misrepresent their products and hide their true descriptions in a CANNOT RETURN POLICY. Disreputable people running a dishonest business.


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