Home Improvement Services Roofing & Construction - Roofing Scam!!!

Posted on Sunday, November 25th, 2012 at 11:12pm CST by 8e4e39a8

Company: Home Improvement Services Roofing & Construction

Location: 14377 US Hwy 19 N Suite 101

URL: www.homeimprovementservices.biz

Category: Building, Construction

Stay away from this company because they are going to scam you!!! Basically, the scam is the roof is already installed and then they forced financing on me after Jeff Rayle pretended to have me on a payment plan. Suddenly it was 2 mortgages with very high rates and payments not agreed to!!! Jeff Rayle, a salesman with Home Improvement Services made an agreement with me for a roof on 11/12/12. It was the amount of $6950 with $150 payments to start in March. This agreement was good to me although I knew it was high, I only have a 800 square foot home. But I figured that I would accept it because he was allowing me to make the payments. WRONG!! We talked about me making more than $150 payment and that I would get it paid early. I'm a single mom and live on a budget but the $150 was fine.. and I had no idea that there would be anything else needed as he never mentioned anything to me about obtaining financing or anything of the sort. In retrospect, I see that it was because he didn't want me to know! He was in a big hurry to put it on. The roof went on that week (before my 3 day right to cancel contract was even over!!!!) Once the roof was on, Pete- the epitamy of used car salesman- came to my home with financing papers for me to sign. If they would have been upfront & honest about the details of the financing I would NEVER HAVE AGREED TO HAVE THEM PUT THE ROOF ON. That's the scam though, because they know you can't return a roof! So, the carriage before the horse is that they install the roof and then the ugly financing details of the roof are sprung on you. The documents that were given to me by Pete to sign was a Federal Truth In Lending Statement with a 20% interest rate & another Note with an 18% interest rate. Surprise surprise!! And, Jeff agreed that I could start payments in March but that was not reflected on any of the documentation. The documentation stated I would start payments the following month. Not only that but he also decided to charge me those payments from now until March and add them to the agreed upon amount of the roof. Pete explained that the Federal Truth In Lending statement isn't a Mortgage but I am in the Mortgage Business and I knew right away what I was REALLY looking at. I am sure that they do this all the time and people are forced into their financing under the pressure of already having the roof on their home. This is unfair business practice and should be illegal. So the financing of my roof has now made my roof over $12,000 and I have an 800 square foot home. Do you see anything wrong here? It's unfortunate to me that this is allowed to happen to people. I'm a prime target being a single woman not that I'm sure they haven't done this to many others that aren't. There is a problem spot on one of the edges of the roof. It's a space between the roof and roofing materials. I pointed this out to them and they got up there and did something but the space is only smaller, but still there, where water can get in. I was promised a 30 year warranty. I wonder what other surprises lie ahead in my dealings with this roofing company. Honestly, I'm terrified now. They have been dishonest with me and I have been scammed. Anyways, I didn't sign the documents that day they were presented to me, 11/20/12. On 11/21/12 I requested copies of the documents from 2 girls in their office of the Federal Truth In Lending and all other documents that I was expected to sign and I was told that they will not send them by fax or email to me. I called Jeff Rayl and Pete and requested copies of those documents-because I need time to review what they are asking me to sign-and he refused. I did receive an email with other documents instead. It's as if they want to hide what they're doing. I would warn people to stay away from this company as they are willing to take advantage of people to make their ends meet. The day that I was presented with the papers, Pete called Jeff and had me talk to him. Jeff went on to tell me that because I wouldn't sign his papers, that he wouldn't be able to make payroll. He again told me that he wasn't able to make payroll because of me when I requested copies of the documents. It's tremendous pressure to me. The roof only went on at the end of last week,these papers are shown to me Monday of this week and then on Tues. he's telling me that I'm the cause of their payroll problem. I am seeking advice from anyone who has some. I've sicked the Feds on them and States Attorney's Office. You might see me on the news reporting this scam. I didn't sign those Notes and have placed a fraud alert on my credit. I hope Jeff Rayle ends up in prison where he and the rest of Home Improvement Services belong!!


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