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Posted on Saturday, November 24th, 2012 at 2:26am CST by Rahul K.


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I recently tried making a purchase at for a Philips DVD Player worth Rs 2159/. The prices were the lowest but by only Rs30 compared to other websites, however the the price that I had to pay for saving those 30Rs has now costed me Rs2159/-!

Here is What happened: I place on order for Philips DVD player on Nov 13,2012 by going through their website and Logging in as a GUEST USER. This was the BIGGEST MISTAKE for this case- Signing up as a Guest user. As a guest user the site asked me for my email,shipping address, telephone number, followed by the payment options. I entered the details and made the payment via my banks (HDFC) Netbanking services. The payment went through successfully and the money debited instantly. After the payment I was directed to a order confirmation page in which i got Order Number i.e. 9692412.

HERE is the SCAM: Things got weird after this. After the order, I waited for sometime for an email confirmation which is the usual thing with other online shopping sites. However I did not recieve any confirmation from Infibeam that they had received my order, nor did I receive any SMS confirmation. So I called up the Customer care number at 79-40260260 and told them about my order.

What was they told me next came as a SHOCK: They said that there was no such order in the system!!!! Not only this, they said - "Sorry we cannot help you" and tried to close the case. !! withing 1 minute of the call. They did not discuss the matter further nor they seemed to be interested. So I stopped them and for the next few minutes I tried to explain my order process..that this is what I had done and that money has been debited.. but they simply said one sentence "Sorry we cannot help you"

I was shocked. If you cannot help then who the hell will?

The money had been debited from my account. So then I took Screen shots of my bank statement and the the order confirmation page and emailed the customer care "[email protected]" both of screenshots are attached below.

Their Response: Next day, i.e. Nov 14, I recieved a response saying that they had indeed received my order and It was about to be shipped. This came as a relief however only to be shortlived. So I waited for the next few days and 5 days went by and there was no sign of any shipment. I againt contacted them at their call center - First they said that they are unable to find my order. After a few minutes of talking and explaining the problem, they changed their stance to - We found the order but it is STILL UNDER PROCESS. This was on Nov 19. What is this happening?

Again a few days later i.e. on Nov 21 I emailed them saying - Where is my order? However I got no reponse. So I called up the call center only to find out that - My order had been wrongly shipped to BANGALORE!!!!!!! Shocking!!!!!!!

What is wrong with these guys and How is this possible!!!

What's LATEST: Its been over 11 days since I placed an order. Till date I HAVENT received my order. I have emailed the customer care but there no reponse. I doubt I will be recieiving the product that I paid for. This has left us with no choice but to proceed to our local consumer forum court here in Chandigarh.

Analysis: Its clear that has some serious lapses with its A)Guest User Ordering System B)Customer Support Service C)Transparency of Information

What next: We are planning to take them to consumer forum and are consulting a Consumer Forum specialist Lawyer here in Chandigarh which is where I live. The lawyer has said that we have the proofs of Money debits and order confirmation page which is Enough to go after these guys at

Also, we contacted HDFC Bank inorder to find out the details of the client to whom the money was credited. They said the money was sent to customer, right now we are contacting CCAvenues for Account details of and as soon as this is received we wil file for a Case ..apparently a Notice will be sent out to first..; this will act as an additional proof against Infibeam.

The question is not about Rs 2159/- but about - What if I had place an order for an Expensive item and they refused to acknowledge it. I hope those reading this will be cautioned and as an advice I would urge you to refrain from doing online shopping at Its better to shell out a few extra bucks and be safe rather that be sorry.


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