Lam Facial Plastics Surgery - Dr. Samuel Lam, Negligent Doctor

Posted on Friday, November 23rd, 2012 at 12:56pm CST by 8a610f4a

Product: Dr. Samuel Lam

Company: Lam Facial Plastics Surgery

Location: 6101 Chapel Hill Blvd
PLANO, TX, 75201, US


Category: Health, Beauty

Dr. Sam Lam is irresponsible and unfit to practice medicine. He left the practice while I was still unconscious under general anesthesia and I was left alone with a couple of nurses and no medical practitioner in sight. It took time for the anesthesia to wear off and I nearly passed out as I walked to the restroom by myself with no assistance because the nurses were too busy getting ready for the next patient. Where was he? Where were the anesthesiologists he hired? If he had an emergency to tend to while I was still unconscious why could he not make sure an anesthesiologist was present at the facilities to make sure that I recovered. I blacked out a few times on the way to the restroom to get changed from the gown and nearly hit my head on the toilet. I was so uncoordinated and the room was practically spinning. I never received an apology for him running out on me while I was unconscious. Cosmetic surgeons who are self employed need to be held just as accountable as doctors in hospitals. My hope is that this is relayed to the appropriate authorities because Dr. Lam needs to be brought before them and warned and investigated for negligence before the American Medical Association or the Medical Board in Plano, Texas.


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