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Posted on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 at 8:05am CST by Bertha M.

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My car was damaged in hail storm on the 20.10.12, which was a weekend. I called discovery insurance on 22.10.12 to lodge in a claim. They gave me a courtesy car because my car was undrivable, the windscreen was shattered in the hail storm. They told me to drive the car to Avis and leave it there. When i told the Avis personel that i was told to leave my damaged car with them, they said it was not necessary and that i should take it in to the panel beaters(car world) myself.

Car world called me and told me that they could only book the car in on 13.11.12 as they had a lot of cars booked in and they were fully booked until March 2013. Due to the nature of my job and according to my roaster i was going to be in the USA between 11.11.12 - 17.11.12. With the information that i got from car world i decided to ask my husband to please ensure that the car was taken in on the said date. He called the insurance just to confirm about the claim and on whether he should take the car in to the panel beaters and the lady who answered the phone confirmed that the claim was approved and that he should wait for the panel beaters to call him during the day. He waited the whole day and there was no call from the panel beaters. He called the following day and was told the same thing by the same lady (Nthombi).

When i came back on the 17.11.12 which was a saturday, i found that the car was not taken in due to the above reasons. i called them on the 19.11.2012, I spoke to the Nthombi and she promised me that somebody was going to call me back asap, but i insisted on time and she said within an hour someone was going to call me back, needless to say no one called. I called back the following and she put me through to the supervisor who profusely apologised and promised something to be done about it and to see how they could extend the courtesy vehicle as the 30 days was comming to an end on 22.11.2012, he managed to have the car taken in on 20.11.2012 and asked his surbodinate to find out how long the car was going to be at the panel beaters. When i got to the panel beaters they phoned Thabang (the surbodinate) to tell him it was going to be in for 2 weeks. I thought the job was done. I went to work on 21.11.2012 and asked my husband to confirm with Avis about the extention and he was told that it was not. When i phoned to speak to the supevisor on 22.11.2012 to confirm, he told me a totally different story and that he was not extending the courtesy vehicle, i asked if he had read the letter i emailed him last night and he rudely responded that he does not sit around at night to sort the client's queries and he started accussing me of things i never said to him on why the car was not taken in on the 13.11.2012. i asked him to retrieve those calls i made to him and i was willing to go in and listen to them with him and his manager, he rudely responded that he does not work in that department and that if he ever gets the information he will call me, of which he has not.

I later called back to speak to his manager and she started asking me irrelevant questions. She later said that the 30 days courtesy car agreement was over and that i should take the car back failure to which i will incur the costs. I refered her back to the letter they sent to me which stated that i was to have the car until my car was fixed and she responded by sending me the fine print which stated that the car hire was going to be for 30 days only, which contradicts the letter sent to me on the 30.10.12 which stated that i was to have the courtesy car until my car was fixed. As at now they have advised the car hire that as from today i wll be liable for the payment.

Disgrantled Consumer,

Bertha Mutemwa

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Business Reply  Discovery I., 2012-11-26, 01:20AM CST

Hi Ms Mutemwa

We have confirmation from our Ms Bherens that this has been resolved and she has explained the policy terms and condition and also the process to both your husband and also to you.

The correct process was followed by the claims handler and by the repairer.


Discovery Insure Executive Office

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