Hobo Prince Economic Project

Posted on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 at 3:08pm CST by Jonathan R.

Product: Economic Project

Company: Hobo Prince Economic Project

Location: 700 North Hayden Island Drive Suite 297 Portland, OR 97217

URL: www.hoboprince.com

Category: Online Scams

Beware of this company. Hobo Prince or BeRio Transport. The owner is Shelby H. Bell. He put up a site saying if you send in $25.00 for his Save the Hobo Prince Economic Project book, in time you could be entered into his contest list. Well, I did and was confirmed that I came in on the top of the top 25,000 people that entered and will be sent a contract. The reward was that I would get a $10,000 check and receive $900.00 a week for 7 years, with a debt card. This contest was to help people in this tuff economic times remember. I received the contract and looked straight up. The contract s are state that it's from the Guarantor of the United States Department of Treasury. The contract is clearly state that, Shelby H. Bell, c/o 9209 NE 116 Ave,Vancuver, Washington 96660-668 as the Payee. Also,the contract states that the Secretary of the the Treasury of the United States authorized this along with Authorized Repesentation of the United States in Trust by, Stephen Lous Wozny, 1011 NE 49th St., Brush Pararirie, Washington 98606 has has approved the release of the funds. I have made many calls to Shelby and he said hat funds would be released within the next month. Still as of this date 11/22/2012 no funds have been sen out to me or other people. I still email him and all I get is an auto answer. It's bad enough that Shelby H Bell has committed a Fraud but he brought the government into his crime. He has put me in a bad financial way along with many others. This man Shelby H. Bell should be brought to harsh fraud judgment.


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