African Hair Braiding - Bait and Switch

Posted on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 at 8:41am CST by false Impressions

Company: African Hair Braiding

Location: 2294 Frederic Douglas Ave (8th ave bet. 124th & 123rd st) New York NY 10027

Category: Health, Beauty

On November 15th, 2012 I went to this hair place and specifically asked for short kinky twist from the root. I explained I didn't want the twist to begin with a small braid because I thought it was tacky and not a true twist. I also asked for the color number four as its a dark brown which works better with my skin tone than the black number 1b or 2.

After taking out my current braids, a girl began to braid my hair exactly how I didn't want it. When I stopped her the ring leader chimed in with her lies and deception. She bombard me with questions just so she could counter with lies.

She ased me where did I get my hair done like that before because NO Africans braid like that. I informed her that I had my hair kinky twisted from the root several times in TX and even showed her the pictures. She just kept trying to counter with garbage like that not a good way because it wont last long.

What pisses me off is everything that was agreed upon BEFORE I took out my hair and it was all disregarded AFTER because they knew I was vulnerable with my hair undone. I felt like had no choice but to stay and get my hair done there.

This is why it was a switch and bait.

My hair was longer than I wanted and uneven

The ran out of number four so the middle of my hair has number two

Some of the twist in the back have already unraveled and fell out

One of the girls braided so tight I got bumps

The braids are frayed and look old

I think the owners name is Ms. Napon and the card states 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

This pace is a fraud and should be shut down and makes real african hair braiding places look bad.


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