- CS Treated Me Like a Criminal

Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 1:12pm CST by 8564ae12

Product: Ipad


Location: Best Buy Corporate Customer Care P.O. Box 9312 Minneapolis, MN 55440


Category: Stores, Shopping

I received an email from today because I subscribe to their email offers. They were offering a good deal on Ipads and I was going to buy one for myself as my Christmas present so they caught me at a good time. I always order from but after seeing BestBuys stock downgrade today I decided to order from BB instead because I hate to see them go under. I placed my order online and thought that was it. 3 hours later I get a call from Best Buy confirming my order which was pretty normal considering the fraud these days but then things started to get way to personal. I do not have an account with Best Buy and always paid cash or credit card for my purchases so they do not have financial info on myself. Then the woman on the phone started to ask me if I had moved recently, I said I moved to this state a year ago and then she kept asking me if I lived in a city in a state I have never lived in. I replied no and then she repeated herself and again I told he I never lived there. Then she asked me for my birth date, why would she need my birth date? That information was never asked for when I made my purchase. She was treating me like I was a criminal and I had a feeling next she was going to ask for very personal info like my SS# and I abruptly told her I was not going to give out personal info on myself that was never given when I placed and order. I felt like the person who called me was from Best Buy credit and they were chasing down a delinquent account during that call. Why else would the women not take my answers as truth. It was so obvious that someone had the same name and they were try to pin this on my. I am not stupid and this was outright a violation of my privacy by asking for personal information like this. A Date of Birth is never needed to run a debit card transaction but it can be used to violate my privacy.

BestBuy was also recording the conversation without letting me know. I abruptly told the woman to cancel my order and went and ordered it from Best Buy was way our of bounds by treating me, "a hard working honest person" like a common criminal and engaging in what I think is criminal activity by asking me for personal information that has nothing to do with my purchase and for recording my call without telling me.

Before long Best Buy will be bankrupt and I wonder why, they last a $700 sale and I will never go into their store at the local mall ever again.


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