Sony Corporation - Sony television KDL46NX720 - Screen Black out

Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 1:20pm CST by Ashish T.

Product: Sony television KDL46NX720

Company: Sony Corporation

Location: Sony Electronics 16530 Via Estrillo San Diego, CA 92127


Category: Consumer Electronics

I am writing to you with regards to a reference number E55884904 corresponding to my Sony LED television KDL46NX720. I purchased this High End LED TV on 27th Jan 2012 for $999. However on Nov 1, TV has developed some serious snag and as a result and it started displaying black screen. Since, the television is still covered under manufacturer?s warranty so we contacted Sony Customer care at helpline number 12397687547. This call got routed to Sony customer care center located in Philippines.

Here are the detailed sequence of events happened so far:

Nov 1- We called Sony Customer Care number and informed about the issue. We were

promptly issued a reference number E55884904 by the representative. We were also informed that this problem would need a part to be replaced, which they have ordered and subsequently Sony local service partner ABC Electronics, located at 101 Lincoln Parkway East Rochester, NY 14445

(585) 248-5510, would be receiving the part and would be contacting us in a couple of days

Nov 5 - We called up ABC Electronics, and they informed that they have not received any part from Sony regarding the reference number E55884904. They further suggested following up with Sony customer care. As suggested we again contacted Sony and they informed that part has been ordered and already shipped to ABC electronics.

Nov 7- We called Sony again on to enquire about the status of the part. The representative informed us that there is nothing ordered from their side and he suggested following up with ABC electronics to get the part ordered. Further calls to ABC electronics maintained that part to be ordered by Sony and they still have not received the part.

Nov 12- We called up Sony customer care again and the representative informed that there is no order placed so far and that he would place the order now. He also informed that ABC electronics would receive the part with in 2-3 business days and they would contact us.

Nov 14 ? We called up ABC electronics and they still said they have not received such part and they also said that they are not able to see any such part even ordered. We called up Sony customer care again and they informed us that they do not know about the part and instead questioned us ?What is the issue?? On giving them the detailed explanation again they ended the call saying to wait couple of days.

Nov 16 ? We called Sony Customer care again and the representative informed that there the part has been ordered and ABC electronics has received the part, but since it was weekend ABC electronics would call up on following Monday to schedule an appointment.

Nov 19- We called ABC electronics about the part and they still said they have not received such part and they also said that they are not able to see any such part even ordered. We called Sony again and the representative expressed his ignorance about the whole issue and in the end wanted us to contact Sony San Diego office.

I must mention that all this while Sony customer relations team has provided very poor and discourteous customer service, on every call they have contradicted what they said & did. On each of our calls they contradicted their earlier statements. This is very poor, subjective and incompetent customer service and treatment.

This attitude of Sony customer relations has left us confused and frustrated. We have spent our hard earned money to buy the expensive television putting our trust on big brand like Sony however the treatment meted out to us is making us feel that we have been cheated.

We have therefore no option but to escalate this case to level of Sony officials and appropriate government authorities so as to save us from this mental agony.

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Joanne A., 2013-01-03, 05:01PM CST

so sorry to hear of your issues with Sony. I just bought the KDL40 EX 640 TV. I suggest that you call the sales department and escalate through them since this is the department that really cares about negative press. I do wish you the best in resolving your situation.

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