Batteryprice - STAY AWAY

Posted on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at 12:43pm CST by jay f.

Company: Batteryprice

Location: 516 Bedford Street


Category: Online Shopping

I made a purchase through I found it easy to use their website, and they shipped fast, but I had a delivery issue with my product. Batteryprice customer service was slow in getting back to me, and their overall communication was lackluster. Ultimately the company refused to provide me a refund, and displayed bad will in dealing with my issue. The company took the position that they were not liable for any issue after I made my purchase and they shipped my item off. You might be alright if you don't have a delivery issue, but I would highly advise a person not to purchase from this company. There are many other companies out there that provide much better customer service. Stay Away!

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jay f., 2012-11-20, 12:48PM CST

Terrible. Thanks for the information. I will be sure to order from a different company next time.

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