Southwest Airlines - Shoddy treatment of Autism Spectrum Passenger

Posted on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at 11:02am CST by Mike

Company: Southwest Airlines

Location: DALLAS, TX, US

Category: Airlines

In early October I flew from Houston to San Antonio on the last leg of a series of vacation flights, where the flight crew abused my wife and I. This involved taunts and public humiliation. In fact I have not suffered such humiliation since school days. I cannot tolerate being a public spectacle and for employees of this airline to get chuckles from passengers at MY expense. Employees should be TERMINATED for this behavior.

I am an adult, inflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorder and multiple other related conditions, suffered such humiliating treatment by employees of the airline that I find myself asking how the agents of a company who are trained in customer relations be so abusive.

At landing, I spoke with the Pilot, who seemed sympathtic, but unwilling to act. An Operations Supervisor who refused to even take my name, and immediately sided with the crew and was completely dismissive. The lead FA was part of the problem. I have emailed the company and not received a response, I have WRITTEN the company and not received a response. My wife emailed the company and received a form letter response and a $50 "credit" toward a future flight -- which isn't worth speaking of.

This company is hiding, and I need to get in touch with the executive team, but they insulate themselves. If I don't get satisfaction soon, Southwest will be forever linked with abuse of Autistic passengers.....

One more attempt at satisfaction, then I intend to send my story to national autism advocacy groups and let THEM fight for me, because Southwest Airlines does NOT seem to be interested in addressing their internal issues. So this is my warning to the airline: Take me seriously now, or take a much larger organization seriously later when it becomes a CNN and FOX News issue.


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