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Posted on Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 6:47pm CST by Ciara S.

Product: Online Game

Company: Puzzle Pirates (http://www.threerings.net/)


URL: http://www.puzzlepirates.com/

Category: Games, Gaming Consoles


Online free game and pay game Puzzle Pirates.

My complaint is that this game is letting paying customers get by with many TOS violations like using cheats and hacks in game. Also the game allows same players to have multiple accounts and when there are competitions and tournament these multiples are using more than one acccount to enter not making it a very fair situation for new players wanting to join. The game once was very organized,fun, honest and worth paying for but not anymore it once claimed to have over 1 million players worldwide which is actually very doubtful another lie they tell they have had to cut back in game help as well as their is probally less than ten players worldwide now. The fact they treat non paying free players like their nothing sure isnt helping their business if it was a fair game as it once was I would rejoin but as it is now never again. They need to get rid of few OMS and hire new many of the OMs have personal in game relationship and allow those friends to get by with many violations. Seaknot,Zennda, Quenz,Booman,all have personal close relationships with OMs and all get by with alot of TOS violations


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