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Posted on Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 8:07pm CST by Ted N.

Product: Computer

Company: Best Buy

Location: 1800 S Loop 288 #102, Denton, TX 76205
DENTON, TX, 76205, US

Category: Computers, Software

This is an old complaint but I will continue to repeat it forever. I simply detest the phrase "Company Policy"

About four years ago, I purchased a $1400,00 HP laptop from Best Buy plus an extended warranty for the laptop. Two months later, I returned it to Best Buy for repairs. They supposedly sent it to HP for repairs under warranty. Six weeks later, Best Buy informed me they had lost my laptop. Best Buy would only replace my $1400.00 laptop with a $700.00 Sony VAIO (In their words, I had received two months of use from the laptop they lost). They also charged me for a new extended warranty because the original warranty apparently was not under warranty for loss. This was also the first time I came face to face with the term "company policy", but I would hear it quite often in the near future.

About two months later, I returned the Sony VAIO to Best Buy to replace the letter "I" which had fallen off the keyboard. They informed me they would return the laptop to Sony for repairs because my extended warranty couldn't be used until the manufacturers warranty expired in one year. They also informed me Sony would format the hard drive. I explained again that I only wanted the missing key replaced. I did not want the hard drive formatted. The Geek Squad informed it was company policy to format the hard drive when a laptop was returned for warranty repairs.

I took my Sony laptop home, placed it on a tree stump, and applied a seven lb. sledge hammer to it in order to prevent any thoughts of ever returning to Best Buy.

I have been successful for four years at avoiding Best Buy. I have probably purchased ten laptops in those four years for my family and myself and as graduation gifts for my grand children. All of those laptops have been purchased from Walmart with extended warranty's. I have never heard the words "company policy" uttered by an employee of Walmart.

I have no idea how many friends and associates have purchased computers and television sets from vendors other than Best Buy after hearing my story. I know a few have and suspect many have. I intend telling my story for the remainder of my life for one simple reason. It is my "Company Policy"


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1d31fb9d, 2012-11-19, 11:43PM CST

I purhased a Toshiba laptop from Best Buy a few years back and luckily have not had to return it to them for any reason. I and my wife feel that going into there stores since they invented the term "GEEKSQUAD" has made all their employees feel superior to us and that we are ignorant people. Therefore, we will not go into their stores anymore or spend any more of our money buying any products from them. You are right about Wal-Mart, do a little research on what kind of computer you want, either lap-top or desktop, and then go in and purchase it from them. I have bought several computers and three printers from Wal-Mart and have had very few problems with anything. There is no hassle (smartass remarks or those "you are dumb" stares from their associates). It is wise to buy the extended warranty as it is usually cheap insurance, although keep your receipt and if you have to return anything they will refund your money for what you have purchased and not hassle you in any way, unlike the "GEEKSQUAD IDIOTS".

Bart S., 2012-11-30, 02:17AM CST

I consider myself lucky since I only got ripped off on the extended warranty on a lower cost TV knowing NEVER to deal with Best Buy again. It was a $399 TV that I paid $99 for an extended warranty, (I know I was stupid) The TV broke down, the TV Repairman REFUSED to come to my home cause I lived too far out of his area,, so I had to take my TV to him! He had it for 2 weeks and I called he said he said it has a bad power board and he was waiting for Best Buy for approval to fix it, another 2 weeks I called again, he said the cost of the power board exceeded the cost of what the TV was worth, so I called Best Buy, they gave me the approval for a replacement TV,,,, but guess what? now my $399 TV is now only worth $140, so they credit me $140 on a new TV, when I complained the TV repairman repaired my TV by just installing new capasitors and I got it back after 2 months.

Bart S., 2012-11-30, 02:28AM CST

To the first comment... I too have purchaced all my electronics ( TV, computer, printers ) from Wal Mart and NEVER had a problem with any, plus Wal Mart has a no questions asked 90 day retrun policy! I have a friend that purchaced a TV from Best Lie as soon as he got it home and the TV out of the box, he plugged it in and it never worked, right-a-way he put it back in the box and took it back to Best Lie and to his surprize they refused to give him a replacement or his money back, they just sent his NEW TV out for repair. Yea, he was upset but he couldn't do anything about it! But if would have had that same problem and purchaced a TV from Wal Mart they would have refunded or replaced his TV. I guess Best Lie doesn't have many return customers, their business only survives on new customers that are too dumb to know they will be ripped off if they have a problem.

Bart S., 2012-11-30, 02:42AM CST

To: Ted N,,, we are good people! We feel bad when other good people get ripped off by Best Lie. We can feel good about ourselves that we are honest and good. We are doing our good by warning everybody about Best Lie,,, too many people out there that have been ripped off are too ashamed and embarressed to say so. Sure,,,, Best Lie will clean out the websites of negative reviews, but we can also re-write and re-write about our experiences again and again. You did good!

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