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Posted on Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 9:35pm CST by N. HM M.



Location: 450-C South Pickett Street


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I had re pipe work done by PLUMBING EXPRESS . Prior to signing the contract I was reassured by the manager that they had great customer service and many satisfied clients. They also reassured me that there employees were not contractors and would take extra care of my furnitures and likes at my place of residence. With that, I signed the contract with work to commence on November 2, 2012.

Upon my return that evening, what I instead discovered was a mess all over the house, scratches all over my bamboo flooring, damages to the frame of my doors and leaky faucets. I immediately texted the manager that I had initially spoken to and I also sent him pictures of the damages via text. He came to inspect the damage on Monday November 5th, and he reassured me that his company would repair all of the damages after they complete the work. ( I have that in writing)

Between Monday and Wednesday, I was continuously dealing with leaks where the pipes had been replaced as well as discovered a hole under the sink that had been left un patched. The contract clearly states that pipe replacement, paint and patch are included in the estimate. Clearly this is a breach of contract. All these damages were documented along with pictures and sent over to two of the managers. I have text messages stating that Plumbing Express would take care of the repairs for damages that they caused and would patch and fix leaks where they had neglected to do so. The property was inspected twice by one of the managers and once by another.

Although I was reassured that this would all be fixed, once Plumbing Express found out the cost to replace the damaged floors, they have decided not to honor the claim. I still have the leaky faucet, scratched flooring and un patched holes. I have attempted to contact the owner directly to no avail.

If Plumbing Express does care about their customers, than I urge them to remedy the damages caused by their own employees to my place of residence. If this happens I will be more than happy to post a comment stating that they did. I will eagerly await for someone to contact me to take care of this problem. THIS IS NOT WHAT I CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE. This is costing me more than the re pipe job itself. UNACCEPTABLE!!!


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