Staples - Windows 8 Rebate rejected because of postamark date

Posted on Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 1:29pm CST by Ed H.

Product: Windows 8 Rebate

Company: Staples

Location: US


Category: Computers, Software

I purchased a PC on 6/13/12 that included a rebate for Windows 8.

Somewhere on the rebate that I didn't see it said I had to go to a website that it didn't list, to request the upgrade within 60 days even though it would be over 120 days until windows 8 was released.

I waited until after 10/26/12 to order the upgrade and send in the rebate and it was denied due to the postmark day being after 8/13/12.

Total bullshit. I'm going to guess that 99% of the people who got this PC rebate deal will get screwed out of their rebate.

I did the support chat and they told me that I should have filled out the form on the website that they didn't tell me about with 60 days or too bad. Jerks!

I will never shop at Staples again.

Their rebates are a complete waste of time. I hate rebates!


Smrt G., 2012-12-06, 09:12AM CST

Rebates are a way for a company to offer a lower price that they do not intend to honor! The question is to what lengths they will go to cheat you on the price you thought you would pay! The game, are you smart enough to catch all the tricks they will use to deny your discount? Often there is no way to win, because the game is rigged that way, time limits, outside fulfillers, intended bankruptcy. There is a male enhancement supplement operating under six different names offering money back if it doesn't work, which it doesn't, shuts down and opens under the next. I bought some extra memory long ago on a "Black Thursday" from Best Buy, the low price was conditional on a postmark of Thanksgiving Day only! How many people do you think found an open post office on Thanksgiving? I bought some high priced ham from Smith's Grocery of Tysons meat, prompted by a nice rebate. Instead of the rebate, I go an offer for a fourfold value in Tysons coupons. I took the coupons. Guess what, their expiration date was the day before they arrived in the mail! Careful Tysons, you cut that one close. There were others but I'll list only one more. I bought a refurbished HP Pavilion w/ new computer warranty. I loaded my purchased software and the computer kept screwing up in unpredictable ways. I tried to get HP service to fix it and the rep in India only knew the English word "NO". I finally gave it to a neighbor who had been laid-off from large local computer maintenance company. He told me HP had mass purchased a confiscated counterfeit capacitors, originally made for the aircraft industry. I found a web page about the counterfeit capacitors, but bonjour, my sister's boyfriend is a French model! Anyway, my computer had 17 bad capacitors, only $.03 ea. but costly to identify and replace. My step-son's mother-in-law had just been shafted by HP, I was happy to be rid of them! Rebates and warranties, don't consider them reductions in price!

3e8d67f1, 2013-02-28, 08:32PM CST

I haven't received my rebate for Windows8 ! I bought the computer at Staples July 2012. Downloaded the program for Windows8 in Jan 2013 ! No rebate as of yet ! Where is it at HELP !! N.Draughn

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