Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2012 at 1:32am CST by 55bad0cd


Company: BuyerHomeSite

Location: Street address unknown Arlington County, VA 22207


Category: Real Estate

THEY CONSTANTLY CALL ME for about 6 months maybe more, CALL and hang up, call and hang up

WHEN i ANSWER they start yapping about their website and real estate, i explain no interested, wrong number please stop calling.

RECENTLY,last week I talked to someone there, at first he told me he would remove me from list and wont call again. THEN i told him how many times this was promised to me before. HE then said he cant make rounds to everyone and tell them to stop calling my number, then I asked him why did you just lie to me and say that you would remove me from the list? his reply was to shut me up,

I toldhim I am on the do not call list and have been for years. HHE told me he found my number in a business listing,(not true) I then ASKED HIM where did he find my number and asked where it said in this listing ( he coujld not find) did it say that its ok to TELEMARKET the hell out of me even though I am not interested?

HE was very rude and told me he would make sure they call me twice as much just to prove that there is NOTHING i can do about this

I have probably told this company to stop calling me more than 20 times over the past few months. I have their number saved in my address book on my cell phone as TELEMARETING SCAM company and have record of most of their calls. SO when they do call, I now tell them I WANT TO SELL them something. HE was very upset TODAY when he called and I TOLD HIM (THANKS FOR CALLING i would like to sell you leads) then said REMEMEBER ME> I CUSS YOU OUT ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK, LOL its rediculous thsi company is still in business . THEY HAVE no business ethics and I asked him if he really thinks he can BRAIN WASH ME in to buying something I do not want?> HE of course hung up again, I will probablyget anotehr call as usuall in a few days

I only found out what their company name is when I googled the phone number , i found tons of people upset about the harrassing calls

Google this number 571-512-7000 and see for yourself

I highly recomend EVERYONE files complaint with FCC, do not call registry and find out if youcan sue them in small clains court


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