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Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2012 at 11:15am CST by Robert C.

Product: Spa Covers

Company: Spa Cover Direct

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I recently ordered a Spa Cover on-line from Spa Cover Direct, a purported manufacturer of quality replacement spa covers. This firm stresses the need to adequately measure your spa to ensure that the new cover fits your spa. They go so far as to providing a video demonstrating how to measure for your new spa cover. I ordered my spa cover from Spa Cover Direct on October 20, 2012 providing exact spa measurements of my spa, per their instructions. Upon delivery, I examined the new spa cover closely only to determine it measures exactly 96" in diameter. The issue I have, my spa is also exactly 96" in diameter and the cover doesn't fit. upon reviewing Spa Cover Direct's website video, How to Measure a Round Spa Cover, I followed it's directions explicitly. As indicated, I measured the spa opening to be exactly 96" and typed 96" in the field marked Measurement A. In addition, I indicated in the Customer's Note: "My spa is an in-ground gunite, peeble-tech design with cantilever decking with a circular opening exactly 96". Now, I am not a rocket scientist by trade, nor am I an expert in designing and manufacturing spa covers as purported by your firm. However, I am familiar with the basic laws of physics and will tell you a 96" cover will not adequately cover a 96" spa. I immediately contacted Spa Cover Direct only to be told it's my problem, go sell it on E-Bay and we will sell you another cover. So, much for business integrity and customer satisfaction. Stay away from SPA Cover Direct.


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Business Reply  66727594, 2012-11-27, 01:16PM CST

I appreciate the customers remarks above, everyone is entitled to one. However, when you order a cover at 96" and receive a cover, 96", and then come back and say that he provided the incorrect measurements, we are not in the business of fixing peoples mistakes when they cannot follow simple instructions, "we make the cover to your specifications", which is exactly what we did. It states on the video, all over the web site, on how to measure a simple round tub. There is no rocket science involved, you provide the measurement of the size cover you want, nothing more. When you send a dimension of 96" and the INSIDE diameter is 96", you have basically ordered a flotation device. It will drop right in the tub and is basically useless. Common sense should tell you this, the hole is 96, you order a 96, it's going into the tub. Im sorry not everyone is handy with a tape measure and following simple instructions, but there is nothing I can do about that and REFUSE to lose money because of this. I have spent thousands of dollars to have videos produced, measuring instructions made on our web site, to eliminate ANY questions or doubts. However, it also states, "it you are unsure or have any doubts, call us!" Had this person called and said the hole is 96", we would have told him that we do not want this measurement whatsoever, to eliminate any confusion or mistakes, we need the size of the cover you wish to purchase, no more, no less. We do not add or subtract to measurements given to us as that would only cause more problems with our customers. "Why did you add "?? I have a wall that is now in the way!!" Why did you subtract 2"? The cover now floats on the water!! Both of these scenarios would have caused us to make a new cover, free of charge. This was not the case however, he ordered a 96" and got a 96". His fault, not ours. We have been manufacturing covers for over 30 years, we know what we are doing. We try to provide as much info to show how to order a cover correctly, unfortunately not everyone can follow instructions.

Anyone interested in a cover, you can rest assured that this is an isolated incident, feel free to call us at 954-925-3455 and we'll be glad to discuss this further. You wont find a cheaper priced or better quality cover anywhere. Wont hurt to ask questions if you have them!

Robert C., 2012-11-27, 06:36PM CST

Folks, before you buy anything from Spa Cover Direct, view their video on how to measure for your new Spa Cover and you be the judge. Again, upon following the video instructions, I identified the Spa diameter, or using Spa Cover Direct's technical term, "the hole", to be exactly 96". Since I did not have the old Spa Cover to measure it's diameter, I measured the so-called, "hole", to be exactly 96". Realizing I am not a Spa Cover Expert with 30 years experience manufacturing Spa Covers, therefore, I must rely on you, "the expert", to recommend a Spa Cover that will fit over, "the hole". Nevertheless, that is where your customer service is severly lacking. I even went so far as to note on your customer's Spa Cover ordering sheet, "My spa is an in-ground gunite, peeble-tech design with cantilever decking with a circular opening exactly 96". YOU GOT IT WRONG, NOT ME! You also state that each Spa Cover is custom made to a customer's specification. In reality, you failed to follow my ordering instruction on two elements of order. Firstly, the size was incorrect and secondly, you included four (4) custom ordered locking straps on the Spa Cover you delivered to me, when in fact, my order sheet stipulated, "None". Kinda hard to utilize locking straps on an in-ground gunite, peeble-tech design with cantilever decking with a circular opening exactly 96". Finally, I find it interesting when you state, "You won't find a cheaper priced - cover anywhere". Why is that?

Business Reply  66727594, 2012-11-28, 08:01AM CST

This will be our last comment on this subject. Nobody needs to be an expert to measure the outside diameter (or the size cover you wish to order), it is very simple if familiar with a tape measure and follow the instructions per the video. The video CLEARLY shows to measure the outside diameter of the tub, nowhere does it show to measure the inside diameter, that would totally make no sense.

In regards to our pricing, it is due to the fact that we ARE the manufacturer as compared to the many others that claim to be until there is a warranty issue and you find they have disappeared and started with a new name to sell under again, until warranty issues arise again. They have to add their markup in order to make any money, therefore increasing their prices. We make covers for spa manufacturers, very large companies that do not have ANY issues with the quality of our covers, and have done so for over 30 years. Feel free to investigate how long the other companies have been in business, and not just by asking them, they can tell you anything, but you will find that they come and go like no other.

Your issue could have been easily resolved by following our suggestion and selling the cover on Craigslist, the cover you ordered in error is a basic size and could be sold for more than what you paid for it. However, you feel it necessary to place blame on others for your mistake, which I will admit, happens on occasion. Not everyone has the "rocket-scientist background as you state is needed to use a tape measure. We've spent thousands of dollars on videos and web pages to make this as simple as possible to where there should be NO mistakes, especially on a round cover. Only one dimension is required, the overall width of the tub and/or cover, where you wish the cover to sit. Nowhere does the instructions say to measure the inside hole where you step into, that makes no sense at all when we specifically state we need the dimension of the cover you wish, that we do not add or subtract to your measurements whatsoever. Regardless of any explanations given if it is in ground, above ground, gunite, plastic, fiberglass, no matter, we can only assume that the measurements you provided was what you needed. We shipped you a 96" cover as you ordered, and you replied to an email that it is 96" when we requested that you send a pic of the measurement of the cover you received.

"Good afternoon, Jennifer: I have examined the new spa cover closely, and you are correct, the spa cover measures exactly 96" in diameter. The issue I have, my spa is also exactly 96" in diameter and the cover doesn't fit."

A 96" diameter tub requires a 96" cover, which you agreed to have received above. We do not guess on any measurements. I hope you heed our suggestion and place the cover on Craigslist, you can sell it for more than you paid for it if you try.

Robert C., 2012-12-05, 10:15AM CST

I stand by my statement! Spa Cover Direct, operated by Bob Morgan, is a dishonest firm and will say anything to mislead the customer for the sake of a sale. Read both comments and you, the customer, decide if you want to do business with a fraud. Beware, stay away from SPA Cover Direct. According to the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida, I am not the only customer to file a complaint against Spa Cover Direct. Be forewarned!

Business Reply  66727594, 2013-01-17, 03:16PM CST

30 years in the business, you dont stay in business for 30+ years being dishonest. Feel free to visit the BBB, there is only one PENDING complaint and it will most likely be removed once the BBB realizes that the customer is responsible for their own measurements while trying to place blame elsewhere. That ONE complaint is this fella's here. Should be wiped shortly though.

Robert C., 2013-01-17, 04:40PM CST

I believe you indicated in your last comment, "This will be our last comment on this subject". Guess you were wrong, once again. By the way, it is my understanding that the Division of Consumer Services, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is investigating Spa Cover direct. Apparently, the BBB is not the only organization receiving complaints about your business practices. As for your pricing, I purchased a new spa cover, on line, same design and quality for $425.00, shipping included. Your price was $695.00, a significant price difference for basically the same product. As for SELLING your spa cover on Craigslist, more deception and misinformation. Again folks, no need to do business with a dishonest firm, the internet offers a wealth of alternatives. If only someone had taken the time to warn me off from Spa Cover Direct, I would not be out $695.00.

Business Reply  66727594, 2013-01-30, 03:06PM CST

Division of Consumer Services, Florida Department of Agriculture have already waived it off as an illegitimate complaint and will be posted on their web site, that your complaint has no warrant. Anyone is free to review the complaint and the outcome as "closed as satisfied to the manufacturer" You provided incorrect measurements and you yourself had admitted that. If you want to say that the state did not side with us, I'll be glad to post the letter from them on our web site and place the link here for those that are interested. If you continue with the lies, I will be glad to do that. In fact, here is the link to the State's response, hopefully this will put this to rest. The document can be viewed with Adobe Reader and can be viewed at . This should settle any discrepancies stated by the consumer.

Robert C., 2013-01-30, 04:07PM CST

Once again, I stand by my original contention that you conduct business dishonestly and in bad faith. Although there might not be enough information to satisfy the Division of Consumer Services, Florida Department of Agriculture acting on my complaint, notwithstanding there are still a number of complaints pending against Spa Cover Direct. Consumers want to conduct business with reputable firms and be assured that if there is a problem the business will step up and do what is necessary to maintain a satisfied customer. There are too many other spa cover vendors in the marketplace to risk doing business with Spa Cover Direct. Solis Spa Cover Manufacturer located in Oldsmar, FL is an excellent alternative to Spa Cover Direct. I am extremely satisfied with their product and business acumen. Stay away from Spa Cover Direct.

Business Reply  66727594, 2013-02-13, 10:33AM CST

I bet you gave them correct measurements too! Feel free to post this so called "number of complaints" here about our company, you wont be able to as that is totally untrue.

Robert C., 2013-02-13, 10:50AM CST

Actually, I do not need to post anything relative to your business acumen. Folks looking to buy a spa cover merely need to read this complaint to determine whom they wish to transact business. They can take a chance with Spa Cover Direct and get screwed, or they can contact Solis Spa Cover Manufacturer located in Oldsmar, FL and be completely satisfied with them. By the way, I see that the State of Rhode Island, Consumer Affairs Division has an open file on Spa Cover Direct. You have been busy cheating people in the northeast.

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