Sleep Number - Poor Delivery and Customer Service

Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2012 at 8:06pm CST by Tony O.

Product: Sleep Number Bed

Company: Sleep Number

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Sleep Number Bed delivery and customer service problems

We purchase the I8 bed on October 20th, 2012. We were called by Sleep Number Bed Home delivery on 22 and 26 October, and were set up for delivery on 29 October. I had to rearrange my schedule with my supervisor, because they were unable to deliver on any of the four days I gave them that would preclude me from missing work.

Eric, 201-337-7327, from Sleep Number Bed Home Delivery, called the morning of the 29th, stating they could not deliver because of Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast. That was very understandable. He stated that someone would call me on Friday 2 November to re-schedule my delivery.

Friday, 2 November rolls around, and by the afternoon I had still not received a phone call. So I called them, and again spoke to Eric. The only thing he could do was schedule me for the afternoon of 5 November for the delivery. Once again, I had to rearrange my schedule with my supervisor, because they were unable to deliver on any of the days I gave them that would preclude me from missing work.

On Monday, 5 November, I received a call from Eric stating they were going to cancel my delivery, and they would call me back by the end of the day to reschedule. I asked him why, and he said that he did not have a bed for me. I asked him what happened to the bed I was supposed to get on 29 Oct, the bed that he had in his possession on 26 October, and he stated that it was delivered to someone else, probably, that they don?t put people?s names on them in the warehouse, they just load the model that morning on the destination truck. I then argued that since my first delivery had been canceled, that I should have been at the top of the que for a delivery, and have top priority. He then told me they never actually had a bed for me.

At this point I ended my phone call with Eric. I felt I was being lied to and told him so. I called the Store I purchased the bed from, and spoke to Mekita, the store supervisor 540-786-1501. She then made some calls, called me back stating that Customer Service wanted to speak to me and help me. I called the number Mekita gave me 800-472-7185, and talked to Nadine. She was very helpful, and I told her my story. She said she would do some checking and get back to me.

She called me back and told me that all the beds had been shipped from the New Jersey Warehouse back to the ?Hub? ( wherever that is ) to keep them out of harm?s way of the hurricane, and that the computer at the delivery warehouse was never updated.

At this point I was very angry. I told Nadine now I have three stories to pick from, and still felt like someone was lying to me. I asked Nadine which was it;

- Did they ever have my bed in possession at all

- Does my bed even exist

- Is my bed back from the Hub?

I ended my call with Nadine, by stating I did not want to hear from anyone until they actually had my bed. I did not want to have to re-arrange my schedule again with my boss just to have my delivery canceled once again.

So, 96 hours pass, it is 10 AM Friday 9 November, and I have not heard from a soul at Sleep Number Bed. No call from Customer Service, no call from Home Delivery, nothing. Apparently, nowhere in the entire state of Virginia can they lay their hands on an I8 bed.

Believing that I have been more than patient, OK, angry, but patient, I again call the store I purchased the bed from. I talked to Bill, the salesman who sold be the bed, as Mekita was not there. Bill made some calls, and finally John from Home Delivery called me. He set me up for a November 15th delivery, and I could expect a call by the 13th of the time window. I told John that it would have to be in the morning, as I was starting 2nd shift at work, had re-arranged my schedule twice with my supervisor, and should not have to do so again. He said he would inform his boss.

I then asked John why I could not get delivery sooner, since I had been canceled twice already, and should be at the top of the Que. He said that the 15th was as soon as he could get the bed to me.

Needless to say I find this hard to believe. Here I am, originally supposed to get a bed on 29 October, and John says 15 November is the earliest he can get one to me.

I find it very hard to believe that no I8 beds can be found in the state of Virginia, nor have any been delivered to any customers, since 29 October. So I call Customer Service back and speak with a Supervisor, Lisa.

I tell Lisa the entire saga that I have just typed above, and she sounds horrified. She tells me that she is going to make a few calls, and see what she can do to get a better delivery date than 15 November, and call me back today, 9 November.

It is 1:15PM 9 November, and I am still waiting . . .

Received a call from Adam on Tuesday, 13 November, stating that the will deliver my I8 Bed sometime between 10 and 2 on Thursday 15 November. I still have not heard back from Lisa at Customer Service.

10:30 AM 15 November, my sleep number bed arrives. The two workers, Chris and Anthony, were quick, knowledgeable, and efficient. They were in and out of the house in less than 20 minutes, and explained everything to me about the bed.

Some constructive thoughts here;

1. Don?t promise to call a customer, then fail to call.

2. Don?t promise a delivery date if you do not have the item to deliver.

3. Don?t cancel a customer delivery twice, and then make them wait an additional ten days.

It is now 8 PM, EST, 15 November 2012, and I have still not heard from Lisa, the Supervisor at Customer Service, from her promise to get back to me on 9 November.


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