Mohamed M Morad - Disruption of my long waited trip overseas

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2012 at 7:17pm CST by Mohamed M.

Company: Mohamed M Morad

Location: US

Category: Airlines

I booked a flight from Fort Myers, Fl to Cairo Egypt, my booking number is 10123113. I was suppose to leave on December 10 to discover that the trip has been cancelled without prior notification. I called your agents many time and for many hours and hardly find a fina conclusion to my situation. The billing department send me an e-mail indicated that a refund has been issued for only $601 which was the amount I paid for penalty for changing the flight and the fare didderence. Now no one is able to give me an answer as to when I will be refunded for the $1,006 I paid as a fare for my trip. Everyone say different thing including that a credit has been issued on 11/10. I bogged them to send an e-mail confirming this transaction and everyone promised to send within minutes and never did. I suffered a great deal from this treatment and above all for changing my travel plan in such a short time and find another airline to go on with my trip. What ever mistakes happened it is certainly not my making. Above all I do not know what else to do to get a final closure to my problem. Please......please....please help.


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