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Posted on Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 10:57pm CST by Michael S.

Company: AAA Cellular

Location: 955 Kacena Rd. Suite A Hiawatha, IA 52233


Category: Telecommunications

Categories of Complaints: Poor phone service, bad custerm service (Tech Support), limited phone selection, company not ready for prime time

I decided to join AAA becasue of its great deal and the low cost. I Stayed with AAA Cellular company less than 3 weeks, switched back to my previous cell phone provider. The 3 week experience was a cell phone nightmare. My first phone, LG 8200 (You only have two phone choices with AAA) lasted 3 days, the ear peace broke. The first phone and the replacement kept dropping calls. Over the short period of time I had the phone I had one call that I could complete. I even had 3 bars and still could not make a call. When I called first line customer service I had to use my Lan line phone because my cell phone would not work in my house. First line could not solve the problem and I was told that it has to be forwarded to second line support and that would take 2 to 3 business days. That is when I decided to go back to my previous provider. The problems do not end there, when i switched back and wanted my cell phone numbers (mine and my wifes)ported back to my previous cell phone company, that took almost two weeks to accomplish. It took a few days to find out my account number as is not posted on "my account" on the web page, heck it is not even listed on the bill email to me. AAA kept telling my new provider that there is a delay, it took at least 4 conference calls (and over a week) from my new provider portal tech support to AAA to get them to finally port over my phone number. Wait there is more, my number is ported but my wifes is not. AAA states that the information provided is incorrect to port my wifes cell phone number, that is crazy, the plan is a family plan, she is a added line on my plan so the account number is the same. I just gave up fighting with AAA support, told my now provider to tell AAA to "stuff" it they can keep the number and I will get a new number from my present provider. This way I have nothing to do with this awful company. Needless to say all the money I invested in the phone, accessories and start up cost is lost, I cannot get a refund, but at least I no longer have to deal with AAA Cellular. I will take on my own campaing to inform all my friends, family, post bulletins and blogs advising all potential customers to avoid this company


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