Nationstar Mortgage - Homeowner's Insurance Premium NOT paid

Posted on Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 7:06pm CST by 6969af5f

Product: Mortgage

Company: Nationstar Mortgage

Location: P.O. Box 650783
DALLAS, TX, 75265, US


Category: Real Estate

My Insurance premium is paid through my escrow account. I contacted Nationstar Mortgage company on 10/8/2012 to find out why my premium was not paid on 9/15/2012 when they have the money from my escrow account. I was told they called the Insurance company in May 2012 and the call was never returned. The Nationstar rep offered to call the Insurance company while I was on the line. The insurance company provided the rep with the amount and payment address. The Nationstar rep stated a check would be overnighted on 10/9/2012. I received a letter from my Insurance company today (11/9/2012) stating my policy was canceled. I called my Insurance company and they stated they never received a check from Nationstar even though they have notes stated a check was to be overnighted on 10/8/2012. I am FURIOUS. Again, I have to get involved to tell Nationstar to pay out money that I have already paid through my escrow account?!? What kind of company is this? Why should I have to waste my time making phone calls back and forth because Nationstar can't seem to do what they are supposed to do in a timely manner?!? TIME IS VALUABLE, YOU CAN'T GET IT BACK!!


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