Posted on Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 7:46pm CST by Nancy K.

Product: Portrait Studio

Company: The Picture People


Category: Products, Services

I went with my one year old grandson to the Picture People at the Springfield, Pa., mall and was completely humiliated! We arrived at 4:15pm and the lady at the desk told us it was no problem, she would put us in the 4:30 slot as they just had a cancellation. We came back at the alotted time and proceeded to the picture area. My grandson who is a very happy baby, was all smiles as we entered the room. After about 3 minutes the picture taking stopped and we were told she would be right back,as she needed a new flash. When she got back the pictures began momentarily then stopped once again while she got batteries. Meanwhile, the baby was getting tired and was ready to be done with the whole experience. Well the pictures continued, tears and all. We were asked to come back in 10 minutes to review the pictures, which we did. We ended up only liking two different poses(we purchased 2 sheets of each pose), none of the others caught his true personality. We were then repeatedly told it would be another 5 minutes until we would have the pictures. We were rung up, then continued to wait after being told multiple times they would be ready in just a few more minutes. At 6:30 my grandson was trying to run out of the store, sleepy and hungry, he was inconsolable. I called out to the attendant that we needed to go and I wanted a refund for the two last pictures. I was now irritated that we were not being informed of the true problems they were having printing the pictures.The attendant told me to "calm down" and that she "didn't like my tone". I asked her if she could see the state the baby was in and that I felt I had been very patient, waiting more than an hour as the 5 minute waits kept going on and on. She started the cash back transaction when the photographer brought out the last two pictures. She asked the attendant did we still want them. The attendant snapped, "no they don't want them, they want their money back". I said "no, I want the pictures, they are here now, I just want to go home!" She said very rudely, "make up your mind. Do you want your money back or not!" After I finally got my last two pictures and was on my way out, she stated, "oh, and have a nice day!" I have never been treated so ignorantly in a place where I have previously spent several hundreds of dollars for pictures!Needless to say, horrible pictures, horrible customer service, I won't be back!!

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