UNIPRICE.CO - sony xperia ray mobile phne x2

Posted on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 at 3:29pm CST by Deborah H.

Product: Electrical and mobile phones


Location: sutherland house, 3 lloyds ave london ec3n 3ds
LONDON, enc3 3ds, UK

URL: Uniprice.co

Category: Online Shopping

My son Ordered and paid for 2 xperia ray mobile phones (xmas presants for him and sister) on 31/10/2012 all seemed to go through. He paid for 48hrs delivery no sign of phones, he as had one email saying proceding with order which was monday 5/11/12 I have been very concerned about this so emailed the company with no response, i have tryed telephoning with no response and then looking to see if the no is legigamate which unfortunatly for me it looks like it is not. the no is 08431162344 this looks like it might be a scam, we are now wondwering if the company itself is a scam even though its on facebook and seems to have a good report from people.

I know you might think i need to give this company more time BUT if the phone no is a scam no then there is a high possibility that the company is too.

We have paied out just short of ?300 please can you help. Thank you. Deborah Heap and William Booth (son)


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moh2012 .., 2012-11-08, 01:01PM CST

Dear Uniprice.co,

you are out of order and electing illegal activity, if you rob a first time customer, with pocketing 20% of my payment to you, which i will dispute all the way with my legal aid.

i can assume your company is run by 2 or 3 staff, jusk like some insurance companies these days who eventually offer nothing or spread more grief.

My Colleague in legal advisory has read your terms of cancellation,

we believe what you are suggesting is illegal activity and worthy of legal proceedings.

1. can you please confirm if my order already despatched ?

2. if so what is tracking reference of DHL ?

3. is the "date when payment was processed" and "date of cancellation" the same day ?

4. if so, then how can your dubious T & C supercede my "within the time period" cancellation ?

i would be most interested if you are following your own T & C!

5. as far as i understand your website, you are suggesting with false promises of price matching,

which in this case you could not match.

6. furthermore, you do not have a tracking reference and neither a delivery date.

I would suggest you either refund 100% or delivery the goods as ordered,

that would be 100% correct according to your T & C.

once the goods arrive and your online T&C printed with all other online documentation and emails collected,

they will be held for investigation, i will be taking action through the legal Channels

and this will also include publicity online which you should be interested to clarify

"how and where your T&C" supercede my "contact messages", your "incomplete despatch"

and "obviously a delayed order".

please send the order and we shall be in-touch with legal aids.

copy to be posted on

hotukdeals, facebook, and many online complaint sites.

Deborah H., 2012-11-08, 03:30PM CST

Please could you tell me did you get your goods or money back? how long did it take?

moh2012 .., 2012-11-13, 03:39AM CST

Dear Uniprice,

I was informed last week, that i will be receiving DHL tracking reference early this week,

bu tomorrow will be midweek!

I clearly recall that the "GOODS" were "IN STOCK" at the time of "PURCHASE",

and even after purchase the goods showed as "IN STOCK"

I would never order anything "out of stock" or shown as "5-7 days".

I am also very concerned with "Online Reviews" of customers who had to resort to "Bank Back Charge Application Request".

Deborah H., 2012-11-13, 03:07PM CST

My son as recieved email sdaying phones been dispatched, he is going to try and claim 48hr delivery charge back because they where ordered and paid for on 31st oct and they only dispatched today. so that is 12 days for them to be dispatched but instead of parcel force which he paid for its dhl that is delivering them.

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