Posted on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 at 12:22am CST by Midhraid T.

Product: Brain Games

Company: Lumosity

Location: 153 Kearny St Floor 6, San Francisco, CA 94108


Category: Internet Services

During the first week of October, I had gone into my account settings of the Lumosity website. I had a month to month deal and in Oct I had cancelled my account so that they would no longer be taking money out of my account. HOWEVER, they ignored my account canmcellation and they STILL went into my account in Nov and took money out. I have sent them numerous messages asking for a refund but they refuse to respond. I am infuriated. I advise EVERYONE to beware of Lumosity. I will be posting on every concievable consumer complaint forum and on every other conceivable site to let the public know that these people are up to no good!


Business Reply  Hallie L., 2012-11-08, 12:12PM CST

Hi Midhraid, this is Hallie from Sorry for the trouble canceling your renewal! Can you let me know the username linked to your Lumosity account? That way I can find out what went wrong. If you cancelled renewal via your account or contacted us before the renewal date you definitely shouldn't have been charged. Thanks for your patience while we get this cleared up! - Hallie

Midhraid T., 2012-11-14, 08:14PM CST

There are times when we are over-run and overwhelmed by stress and personal issues and we get a bit blinded by our own issues to see that what we think is there, isn't really there. Upon posting this complaint, I went and double checked my accounts and noticed that I was wrong. I was wrong for acting prematurely but most of all I was wrong for judging the folks of Lumosity. They actually HAD NOT CHARGED MY ACCOUNT AND THEY HAD NOT DONE WRONG and I AM SORRY if I have caused any harm.

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