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Posted on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 at 10:26am CST by acey d.

Company: My Vanilla

Location: MyVanilla Customer Care PO Box 826 Fortson, GA 31808
FORSTON, GA, 31808, US


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i just returned from a nearby family dollar where i'd just purchased a my vanilla debit card with a load of $50. when i got home to activate it it simply said "cannot verify identity, call costomer care @......" so i call the # and go through the application process all over again on the phone for them to tell me the same thing, this time saying all they can do is run it as a "spend down" card which i can't pay my credit card bill as intended when i bought the card (with a package that brags "online bill pay"). so after the painfully brick wallish conversation with the so called supervisor i wind up having to use this piece of crap card to get another piece of crap card from somewhere else and oh yeah heres the catch pay another $4-$6 for said piece of crap. total rip off!!!



ea91a2be, 2013-03-16, 11:50AM CDT

Their customer service is terrible. Someone is having their permanent cards sent to my address. I have never bought this card nor heard of it until I started receiving the cards sent to my home. I am concerned about my address being used for fraudulent activity, or someone trying to go thru my mail to retrieve their card.

If you dont have a card number/pin, it is almost impossible to get a CSR. And once you do they arent a lot of help. Very sketchy , very vague. They didnt seem that interested in doing anything althouhg it took a) 15 minutes for me to get a live rep b) then it took about another 40 minutes for the rep to add comments to the accounts for the two cards mailed to my home. She basicallyl wouldnt tell me what they would do. She lied saying that they do credit checks on 'applicants' (I later found out that you can buy these cards in CVS), and they claim there is only one phone number to reach them.

I've also read on another blog that apparently there is an inside job going on at InComm, the card issuer where there are fraudulent cards being sold , the innocent customer loads the card and someone at InComm (allegedly) is then immediately emptying out their accounts. The CSR wasn't actually able to tell me what they will do about my address being used to have two cards under two different names sent to my address. Their only advice was to , if this happens again, to a) contact the Better Business Bureau (not sure what they could do, maybe I should file a complaint against My Vanilla Card and InComm) or b) File a police report with my local police. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND THIS PRODUCT!

chet n., 2014-12-16, 10:43AM CST

The comments above are almost word for word my experience with my vanilla will never use this company and will tell any who ask about it

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