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Posted on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at 12:50pm CST by susan w.

Product: Windows Linux Hosting Reviews

Company: www.hostmysite.com

Location: 650 Pencader Drive Newark, Delaware 19702
NEWARK, DE, 19702, US

URL: www.hostmysite.com

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Before you cancel you current Linux or Microsoft Windows shared hosting account you should read this review carefully. Don?t jump from the frying pan into the fire. Compare your current provider to HMS. Avoid nightmares.

If you can live without the bots FrontPage can be successfully hosted on a Linux server. www.hostmysite.com claims they are Microsoft gold certified partners. Ask for proof. Continue reading so you know what the truth is.

We have experienced serious connectivity problems, employees corrupting the windows permissions, broken control panel functionality and employees performing unauthorized work on our website.

Each time they do their jobs they will email a survey form asking you how well they did. If you like spending your day answering foolish emails then www.hostmysite.com is the hosting company for you.

A serious hosting company does not need constant attaboys for doing the work they contracted to perform. The standard shared hosting agreement calls for the support of a website and any maintenance that is required.

Many of you probably realize that their behavior amounts to breach of contract. We suggest you read the remainder of our critical review so you know exactly what to expect. Caveat emptor buyer beware.

www.hostmysite.com records all calls to protect their back. We suggest you do the same if you decide to host with them. HMS will conveniently lose any recordings if the dialogue incriminates them. Make your own.

When we protested the mess and chaos they created their supervisor said we could not prove it. We humbly suggest this critical review does just that, uncovers the seamy side of Linux and Windows hosting.

We?ve had to deal with an ocean of incessant emails. The majority of the time HMS advises customers they do not understand the issues. Other times they will literally throw your support requests away.

Tons of unproductive emails and never any results. A quick call to their 24x7x365 Customer Support hotline 877-215-HOST will prove our point. We were generally connected to support professionals that had less than six months of experience.

Wow real professionals. One moment they are standing in the day laborers pool in front of their local seven eleven. The white pulls up and they are off to begin their careers at the Host My Site world headquarters for information technology professionals.

Yep howdy it is really this bad. If their employees don?t work out there?s always more of them where they came from. This is disrespectful to their customers who are expecting the best. Sweet dreams of web hosting nightmares?

Do you need help? Customer service and technical support conversations typically go like this example:

HMS: Hello my name is Apoo how can I help you?

Caller: My website is very slow

HMS: No problem I will just reinstall your FrontPage extensions.

HMS: Hello my name is Apoo how can I help you?

Caller: I am having email issues.

HMS: No problem I will just reinstall your FrontPage extensions.

HMS: Hello my name is Apoo how can I help you?

Caller: My website is down again.

HMS: No problem I will just reinstall your FrontPage extensions.

HMS: Hello my name is Apoo how can I help you?

Caller: My name is Mitt Romney do you know the time?

HMS: No problem I will just reinstall your FrontPage extensions.

HMS: Hello my name is Apoo how can I help you?

Caller: This is Barack Obama are you going to vote for me?

HMS: No problem I will just reinstall your FrontPage extensions.

HMS: Hello my name is Apoo how can I help you?

Caller: This is Vladimir Putin am I the new American president?

HMS: No problem I will just reinstall your FrontPage extensions.

Apoo will try and convince you that his real name is Lena, Joshua, or Richard in Wichita. These are the same tried and true tactics those famous call centers in India and the Philippines use that we all love so much.

This sample dialogue accurately describes our actual day to day experience with www.hostmysite.com. Apoo doesn?t need any type of information technology knowledge all he has to do is follow the script.

For the past two years www.hostmysite.com had problems with their control panel. Admittedly rather than paying the development company the maintenance fees HMS let their seven eleven graduates make the changes. What a mess corrupted functionality and nothing but excuses.

www.hostmysite.com aka www.hosting.com can advertise on FaceBook, Twitter, ABC, CBS or Costco and it all comes back to the same underlying issues. Don?t be fooled by a worthless thirty day money back guarantee.

Would Host My Site do any better at hosting Windows Expression Web? We don?t think so as Expression Web is essentially FrontPage with a new GUI wrapped around it. Different product more excuses.

If you are looking for the best hassle free world class Microsoft Windows or Linux shared hosting you will have to shop elsewhere. Host My Site just does not have the knowledge and experience to deliver the goods.

Too much talk, aggravation and complaints Don?t waste your time notifying their senior management as they are the root cause of the problems. They don?t care about your web site. Only retaining those almost free workers.

Unwilling to pay market salaries for seasoned professionals HMS raids career academies. The ones that are advertising on TV that you can be a brain surgeon in only three weeks or an IT professional in only one day.

Your voice your vote. Would you vote for this team? Do you want these guys working on your websites? Smart customers always vote with their wallets. www.hostmysite.com makes their competitors look good.

Competent articulate management recruits competent articulate workers. Incompetent abrasive management recruits incompetent abrasive workers. New servers won?t make up for stupidity or institutional incompetence.

Based on our experience we expect that Wells Fargo?s Wachovia Special Investments Group will lose all of their investors money. A college degree does not guarantee any common sense. Next time check the testimonials.

Due to www.hostmysite.com?s horrible technical support skills and poor it?s not our fault management we are unable to give them any type of positive hosting recommendations. You can?t hide from the truth.

Is www.hostmysite.com the worst Windows or Linux hosting company? You?ll have to judge for yourselves. You could try them and see how long it takes to drive you crazy. We stand behind the accuracy of our reviews.

Search for top ten Linux and Windows hosting companies. Check with your friends and family members for a trustworthy recommendation. Did you know that www.amazon.com offers super cheap hosting services?


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Business Reply  Joshua T., 2012-11-12, 09:38AM CST

I am the current Director of Support & Operations for HostMySite and I want to comment on the above post.

HostMySite has been a 100% USA based company since 1997. All support is located in our Newark, DE. Support Center and can be reached 24x7x365 at 877.215.4678.

First, I would like to start out by stating that all current customers of HostMySite that use Microsoft FrontPage and rely on the FrontPage Extensions, HostMySite fully supports them as it is a product we offered. For those of you aware or unaware, in 2006, Microsoft announced that FrontPage would eventually be superseded by two products. Microsoft SharePoint Designer would allow business professionals to design SharePoint-based applications. Microsoft Expression Web is targeted at the Web design professional for the creation of feature-rich Web sites. Microsoft discontinued Microsoft FrontPage in December 2006.

As of October 10, 2012, HostMySite completely revamped their Customer Control Panel and hosting services to include Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated server hosting. Microsoft Expressions Web is fully supported on the new HostMySite Platform. Customers that once relied on FrontPage extensions can accomplish many of their tasks that once were included with FrontPage by simply reaching out to us for assistance.

HostMySite has always been in the business of providing support that goes above and beyond the expectations of the customer. Just like any business, you usually do provide assistance within a "Scope of Support," however, at times, you go above and beyond to show your customers you care and really do want to assist them.

We also understand that while we do try to go above and beyond and provide our best effort in supporting our customers websites, we know we are not always able to fix 100% of the problems. We will always try to perform searches for others that may have had the same or similar issues and try to provide the customer with the "Next Step" to assist in solving their issues.

I invite anyone who is interested in HostMySite and really would like to know the level of support we provide, to reach out and contact me directly. My email is [email protected] and my direct phone number is 302.444.6232.

512bb43d, 2013-07-16, 01:57PM CDT

This looks like a cheap attack ploy from Amazon. Sad.

2afa8cb8, 2015-09-17, 07:53PM CDT

Well, since 2015 HostMySite is now 90% Indian, and 10% American. That'll change soon, the only person in charge will be Mr. Josh T. Sinking ship for sure - avoid this company at all costs.

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