Samsung - Rsg257 ice maker

Posted on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at 5:58pm CST by Ken H.

Company: Samsung

Location: US

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Purchased fridge from sears first part of 2010. Installed in July. The ice maker never has been satisfactory. Never produced enough ice. Now ice maker has stopped. Now to get it repaired is expensive. Samsung has a problem and should recall or repair RSG 275 ice maker. I will never buy Samsung again! Poor design.

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David H., 2013-03-14, 12:12AM CDT

We trashed a 6 year old Maytag because the cooling compressor went out and cost as much to fix that to buy a new one.

We also bought a Samsung refrigerator with this ice maker. The ice maker never worked right and finally quite working. When we bought the refrigerator at LOWE'S the sales person failed to tell us at the time that there wasn't anyone in the area who could service this appliance.

It also caused the refrigerator to work eratic then completely quit. The technician came out and disconnected the ice maker because the repairs were in excess of $500.00. About a week went by and the refrigerator quit again. The technician told us the motherboard on the refrigerator went out and it sucks to be you, now it's $190+ more, plus another $100 service call.

Two months later,now, the motherboard is acting up again and won't cool the refrigerator to the temperature we set it to. It resets itself to 46 degrees. We went through the troubleshooting routine and it still didn't help. I can get someone to come out and look at the refrigerator for another $100 service call. I look at it as why throw good money after bad, when I can go out and buy a new one. This one was worse than the Maytag, less than three years of use.

One other thing, when you go to the show room and they have their J.D. Powers and Associates rating on the appliance. Take that with a VERY LARGE grain of salt. All Powers and Associates do is look at their data and give it a rating. They have NEVER owned, tested, or used the piece of equipment for any length of time to give it a rating other than what they were supplied by SamSung. Oh, and good luck contacting SamSung. That's who finally told us in 2010 that, "we don't have any qualified technicians in your area. Too bad, so sad."

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