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Posted on Monday, November 5th, 2012 at 4:33pm CST by Justin R.

Product: Mountain Bike Pedals


Location: 310 Broadway Street


Category: Online Shopping

Very upset with Crankbrothers and the warranty they offer on the Eggbeater pedals. The Warranty Department responded with "Hello Rider,

I have your pedals here and it looks like they are in need of a spring(s) andinstallation of a rebuild kit. We recommend the rebuilds annually and is

considered maintenance and we call it the Spa1 and that consists of a rebuildkit and pedal cleaning and the cost is $20.00 for the service.

The pedal tech. will Machine Clean your pedals getting them spotless and theninstall a Rebuild Kit that includes seals, o-rings, bushings, bearings, nuts,end caps and re greasing.


Or we can offer you an upgrade to the NEW Egg Beaters with the redesigned

springs and prices are below:

EB 2 $50.00 -

EB 3 $65.00 -

EB 11 $280.00 -"

these "offers" are for anybody right now. SO i question them how they could define this as "generous" because their website bragged about "generous warranty on materials and workmanship." I was just asking them to uphold to this standard and a simple offer that was given to all clients who have my pedals didn't seem like they were going out of their way to be "generous" to me.

To that question Ethan Brady and the VP of sales Andy Hillard, responded. "I can offer to replace your spring for $5 plus $9 shipping and handling, but I would strongly recommend a rebuild at this time."

I was shocked that a company was charging the client for the Broken Part, the Spring. It is laughable at how POOR the quality of service is at Crankbrothers and how they don't stand behind their products the eggbeater pedals or the candy pedals, or probably the newly designed Cobalt Wheelset.

Buyer beware, Crankbrothers does not live up the the standards they set on the website, "crankbrothers offers a generous warranty on materials and workmanship."

Don't buy eggbeater pedals, or cobalt wheelset, or anything crankbrothers has, and if you buy online, don't use their parent company which is based out of United Kingdom.


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