604 mellon street southeast Apartments - Tenant/Rent Complaints 604 mellon street southeast Wash DC

Posted on Sunday, November 4th, 2012 at 10:47am CST by mad tenat a.

Product: 604 mellon street southeast Apartments

Company: 604 mellon street southeast Apartments

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bad apartment I rented from this Landlord i was getting problems with the apartment the apartment floors and walls were paper thin in all the apartments were not sound proof that i could?nt get any peace nor quite from other tenants and harassing Landlord keeping me up he was a bothersome , complaints and disputes between tenants and the landlord went on the apartment was poorly structured it cant handle a family living in it and i was the only one living in the apartment i did nothing wrong to deserve this disrespect the landlord unfairly raised my rent,took me to court and billed me for court expenses for a cheap apartment, i couldnt take it anymore the apartment was a complete scam so i moved out the landlord kept my security deposit and had my wages garnished for increased rent and fees! there was no mention of garnishment from the landlord or in the rent lease about wage garnishment i didnt agree to anything i lost money and got ripped off


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